White Hat Hacking

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White Hat Hackig

        White Hat Hacking

The process of hacking a system to check the vulnerability on the permission of owner and with good intentions is called white hat hacking. White hat hackers are computer security specialist who break into protected systems and networks to test and asses the security. They use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers (or black hat hackers) can detect and exploit them. The methods used are similar, if not identical, to those  employed by black hat hackers, these hackers have permission to employ them against the organization that has hired them. For the most part, this term is synonymous with “Ethical Hacker.

Why Certified White Hat Hacker?

White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hacker

  • Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation (CSPF) has launched a new course on Information security named “Certified White Hat Hacker (CWHH)”,  that will be helpful for a person to get into the Ethical Hacking world.
  • There are total 5 Lakhs security professionals needed in India. People just do a general certification course to get into the InfoSec (information security) field.  But most of them lack in the technical knowledge needed for cyber security.  There are countable number of white hat hackers who are at cyber security.
  • CSPF felt that there is need for awareness on cyber security and Ethical Hacking practices for students in colleges.

 Process of White Hat Hacking:

White & Black Hat Hacker

White & Black Hat Hacker

The process of white hat hacking includes following steps which are must to follow-

  • Targeting
  • Research & Information Gathering
  • Finishing The Attack

1. Targeting:

The hacker determines which network is to break during this phase. The target may be of particular interest to the hacker, politically or personally, or it may be picked at random. Now they will port scan a network to determine if it is week to attacks, which is just testing all the ports on a host machine for response. Open ports are those that do response will allow a hacker to access the system.

2. Research & Information Gathering:

In this stage the hacker will visit or contact the target in some way to find out vital information that will help to access the system. The main way that hackers get desired output from this stage is from “social engineering”. Apart from social engineering, hackers can also use a technique known as  “dumpster diving”. In this a hacker literally search through users’ garbage in hopes of finding documents that have been thrown away, which may contain data a hacker can use directly or indirectly.

3. Finishing the Attack:

This is the stage when the hacker will attack the preliminary target that he was planning to steal. Many “hackers” will be caught after this point, lured in or grabbed by any data also known as a honeypot i.e a trap set up by computer security personnel.

 Levels present in Certified White Hat Hacker (CWHH):

Ethical Hacking

             Ethical Hacking

CWHH level-I: It is subsidized course on Ethical Hacking for students. It happens in two ways, most often colleges invite the trainers. The second method, trainers  announce the course in common place where students of all colleges can register online and do attend the course.

CWHH level-II:  It focuses on advanced cyber security and provides hands on training.

CWHH level-III / CWHH level-IV: Both are for advanced users. It will be given to candidates from corporate who have minimum 2 experience in cyber security.They conduct psychometric test to assess ethics of a person.

CWHH level-V : It is awarded to white hat hackers who are talented by themselves.It is more given as mark of respect.

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  1. Noman Kt says:

    yes Great Post Very Useful Thanks <a Top 5 White Hat Hackers In The World

  2. princy gupta says:

    White hat hackers are computer security specialists.They use their skills to improve security.This article is very informative and well written.

  3. shubhangi naithani says:

    White hacking is the right profession which is hired by the organization to keep their data safely and is not hacked by the outsider….this post provides information about the white hacking so that more and more people come to know about this type of hacking…

  4. Shivam Srivastava says:

    White, the colour of peace and truth itself signifies that White Hat Hackers are those good guys who get hired by the business organizations and government bodies to secure and encrypt their data and other confidential information by the criminal hackers.

  5. Sakshi Soni says:

    Ethical hacker and white hat hackers are synonym to each other. Organizations employs hackers on a good package. White hat hacking is done for safety and security of secret data and information.

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