Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies ?

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It is not the title MNCs or an Indian company that makes it superior or inferior. It depends on the company level what are its visions, methodology of work and to what extent it is getting success in these factors. Success is something which very importantly matters. There is a simple rule, the more success one gains in the market, the more superior he/she becomes.

MNCs are superior to Indian companies

It is the environment setup that helps a company gain its position in the market. And this environment setup comes with the type of people working for the company. It is obvious that there will be variety of people working within the company, the more cream a company has, better outputs it gets. But now the question arises how would one get that best cream sort of intakes. But the answer is equally simple, one should first clear the proper checks, standard procedures and requirements in order to be a part of the organization and at the same time being worthy of the job.

Although MNCs are providing more employment for the people as it includes a larger portion under it, it also has modern techniques of business. As their market is globalized thus in many parts across the globe, and as well as in this age of global networks they are providing a much higher standard working environment for their employees.

The Indian government sectors has a lot of advantages over the other companies, they provide you security of your job which any other MNC would not give. And this is one of the issues that are troubling almost every single person working in any company. A lifetime surety of the job and work is something that every one would desire for and the Indian Government sector is the place where you get a lifetime surety of your job. And these companies are providing employment to lots of people in India without crossing any boundaries any giving a chance to settle up their work.

Moreover, there are many Indian MNCs such as Birla group, Infosys, Reliance, Tata group, Airtel etc. These companies have not only gained position in the Indian market but also in the international market.

This generates the conclusion that these companies are generating tough competition for the other companies in the international market and that is changing the mentality of the people involved in the market which is making them do business in the Indian market. So there is no point to the rise of the question “Whether MNCs are superior to Indian Companies or not?”

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