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Who will police this police?

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Who will police this police?

Yes, those men who are wearing a police uniform are responsible for keeping your locality safe. The guardians and the bastions. The heroes of the nation. Upon them the burden of every innocent Indian citizen lies. “The Policemen”…”All Mr. Dabang”…They are the one who wake up at nights patrolling throughout the city. Believe me, criminals along with their religion of Crime fear so much so that “P” is as dangerous for them as the symbol of cross-bones is for us, which we see commonly in electric zones. Yes they listen to people in the hour of apocalypse. Yes they protect the weaker and the innocent.

A sword against corruption..Police is the synonym of Honor, says vocabulary of every Indian. If you believe so,,I am so sorry. You are idiot number 1. But if you and I are thinking the same, Thank God you are still awake. You have trusted wrong people. Sorry to use such harsh words publicly  but it makes sense where these dissolute Topi-walas and Vardi-walas are the actual “Looteras and Khalnayaks”. Whereas a traffic-policeman asking for a bribe of Rs. 100 for not making  a challan is as common as a street vendor selling potatoes, just go in a police station, rare is the case when Thanedar is ready to register your FIR without Rs.50 note. Forget the case of not bribing and still wanting to get the work done as soon as possible. That soon is never going to come. Police is sloth enough. Please note– Might be possible that only Rs. 50 will not work.  Not very long ago I heard the case of a Bengal boy, Sudipta Gupta who died in police custody. Cut to this case. Recently, two Delhi girls were slapped by police people while protesting against rape of a five year old minor girl. The case had become a front page news.

police corruptionThe common man of this nation wants to know why they are protecting the guilty. Why the protector has become so vacuous? Will God answer it for us, if police cannot? Who is the protector, when the protector himself gets drunk every night, abusing publicly. No doubt all these bad-hulks are backed by some powerful personalities. Our best friends- The Netas( Politicians) of course. Police protects them and they back-up police…A nice harmony..with a few exceptions. Both trying to queer the public’s pitch. That old Ramraj is fraying at edges. See, no one dares, even if he wants to. Even when a good cop knows the difference between right and wrong, even when he is not corrupt, he never dares to raise his finger. Might be possible that he is raising it for the last time. Who knows?  Now the questions arise, Who will police this police? Who will watch the watchmen? I say, when politicians start respecting police then police will automatically respect people, but the given condition is, these three titans will remain honest.

But does it happen? Recently on a news channel I saw Shiv Kumar Beria, U.P textile minister, publicly shouting: “We will strip any SHO out of his uniform in 24 hours if he does not listen to us”. This is the scene. Not only that Om Prakrash Singh, a Member of Parliament, does not want policemen to even sit in his presence.  It’s wrong to ‘No’ that policemen have undue privileges. No masquerading candidly. These privileges might range from be getting a special discount from a sabzi-wala to out-of-queue reception in a clinic. But I put these under minor advantages. Best privilege is camouflage that a man gets after he puts on his police uniform, the honor of stars and medals on his shoulders. Upon which every innocent Indian trusts, is the camouflage that hides the cheater inside.

Forget that, the effect of police uniform is so much so that politicians outfit their staff with the dress, exaggerating their dominance in the society. Like all terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba are hungry of their blood only. Had you been a normal civilian guy donning over streets in a police uniform, you would have been jailed under Section 171 of Indian Penal Code(IPC). But under the palms of your Neta-ji, no one can even dare to put a word against you. And if, lets say, if a case against a policeman catches fire in media, in public, what does he get? A suspension, non-payment of three months salary at the most. Is this just? Death of a student against suspension for three months is just? Slapping publicly to innocent people fighting against rape of a five year old minor girl  is just for  three months suspension? Is there any end to this brutality? Perhaps not.

As there is a saying, every lock has a key. This problem has a solution too. Politics should not interfere with police. It’s very necessary that respect for the watchmen should come from the hearts of politicians. And what will make leaders do that? We, the public. Selecting candidates is our choice. Isn’t? Until and unless we will not awake, these watchmen will be sleeping. Let’s tell them that law is not their fiefdom. It’s good to see that the people of this country are coming down to dissolute police and political figures like a ton of bricks. I am happy to see this.

The writer is a student.

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4 Responses to Who will police this police?

  1. Chandra Shekhar Sahu says:

    I agree with you Mr. Anshul. But police is necessary of society. Of course some defects are occur in department and peoples are also responsible for corruption because they offer money to police.

  2. ANSHUL SINHA says:

    @Soubarna: Everyone has guts Soubarna..Point is whether things are getting done or not..Its good to see people getting angry against nuisance..Against police corruption..Hats off to them..

  3. Soubarna Biswas says:


  4. Avinash Sharma says:

    totally agree .:) (Y)

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