What will be better after B.Tech Mba or M.Tech?

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What will be better after B.Tech Mba or M.tech?

Being some one from Human Resource sector I hear this confusion among students every now and then , What will be better after B.Tech Mba or M.Tech? During many educational seminars even I have been asked this question by students . Although answer is very simple and always same for every one but making it understand is difficult.

after B.Tech MBA or M.Tech

after B.Tech MBA or M.Tech

I have always answered every student , Pursue your goal. Never think of Mba or M-Tech or any degree rather follow your dream. Follow your goal. Every course is good , It depends on your aim of life , It depends on your liking what you want to achieve. I never suggest any one to decide career according to job. Always remember “Nothing is easy” and “Grass looks green on other side”

An exam of CAT , G-MAT or GATE has always most of things common but every thing different and none of these exams are easy to crack or difficult to try. If you want to go by simplicity of words and with general understanding then opt for the course in which you get good college. This Thumb rule can only be used when you are confused about your goal or aim of life. When you want to select one of these according to mindset that “which can take me to high paying Jobs” This thumb rule is applicable due to basic principal that “if you do not know what you are good at then let system decide your capability and you pursue that.

But during choosing between MBA & M.Tech remeber one point , if you are confused and you did not get any good college of either MBA or M.Tech then opt for none , better go for job. MBA or M.Tech both are highly specialized courses and need highly skilled faculty to add more value to you. So no point in taking risk, Its better to go for job if you do not get top colleges of MBA or top colleges of M.Tech

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An MBA degree is for students who wants to pursue their career in managerial activities and love to take risk in life. MBA is all about managing roles preferably business roles. An MBA degree teaches you or at least try to teach you basic functions of business. A B.Tech student who feels he or she is analytically very string and have logical answer for every situation can or should opt for MBA

M.Tech is all about Masters of Technology , when you want to pursue your career in research field or teaching then I would suggest you to go for M.Tech

Although in this article from Indian point of view we have not discussed GATE much because GATE is not just about MTech but also about PSU jobs and toppers of GATE do not opt for M-TECh at top colleges like IIT and NIT rather opt for PSU jobs , due to which research in Tecxhnology is hampering in India

There is another thumb rule as well but this thumb rule has some impotency of its own but rule says ” If you want to go in government sector or government dominated Job then opt for M.Tech and if you want to work in Private sector then opt for MBA” but now as Private universities and colleges have mushroomed so this thumb rule is not in much use and even schools have CEO’s and corp orates have scientists.

I think question “what will be better after B.tech MBA or M.Tech” has been answered here and would clear doubt of any one.

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8 Responses to What will be better after B.Tech Mba or M.Tech?

  1. Md jahid Ahmad says:

    First Afall I would like to thanks our experts sir which have given wonderful oppurtunity to asking query for me sir I would like to ask After B.tech I should M.tech or MBA or job pls kindly Reauest u sir plz give me Good suggest sir

  2. manpreet singh says:

    pursue mba or mtech. dont have much interest in coding programming.btech in ece

  3. pavan says:

    I was completed my b.tech 2014 i am working in private sector after onwards i want to do m.tech/mba which one is better

  4. vaibhav says:

    Confused to persue Mtech or MBA. I am working in an IT company from last 2 years

  5. Disha says:

    Pursuing MBA from india is better or from abroad?

  6. Abhinav Bisen says:

    i have done my graduation(B.tech Biotechnology) in 2012 since then i am doing job in sales right now i am 29 years can i prepare for M.tech biotechnology or MBA confused

  7. Yash says:

    I m studying Computer engineering third year & confused to what must I do next as I hv low scores no company will provide job hence i hv only 2 options MBA or Mtech……thus I m in confusion to what must I prefer

  8. Saranya says:

    I’m a third year student pursuing civil engineering . I wish to go for higher studies . But I am very much confused which field i should opt MBA or M TECH . I want a clear idea . I have asked some of my professors the same question . All have said that after finishing M TECH you can go only for teaching field . My friend’s cousin after finishing MBA in IIM is now earning nearly 30+ lakhs pa . If I can earn the same or even more if I do M TECH in IITs ?

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