Why women are paid less salary ?

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Why women are paid less salary ?

It has been matter of great discussion in recent past , why women are paid less salary? , Women should get more salary or not ? Frame the question the way you want to but fact or crux will remain same “women are paid less salary” but question is why ? I as an interviewer to many freshers have come across many candidates in past 5 years of my career men and women both. I as a Human Resource Manager for my organisation always want to pay maximum salary to my employees than any other company in world may it be Google Industries or Facebook or Micro soft or TATA’s in India immaterial of their Gender i.e men , women or transgender but point is all about productivity.

Recently , I came across statement of CEO of Microsoft. I think every organisation know how much to invest in which employee depending on productivity of that employee. Productivity can have different features and outcomes which can be

a. Direct implication on work

b. Indirect implication on work.

A very worthy person in his working standards can not be allowed to just roam in office every where ( immaterial of fact that this roaming and chatting with other employees do not affect his/her work) but it affects others work. Best of managers can not be allowed to take staff for ride and can be thrown out of organisation just because it will create discontent among employees.

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When we work , we work as a team , not as a family , organisation pay you according to your productivity or to be precise , I should say “You are paid for increase in productivity because of You”  , May be you are eye candy for other staffs , which keeps other staffs motivated to work or may be cost of you to organisation is very low due to which organisation pays you high.

A simple module which I follow , if an employee is felt to be responsible towards his work , he or she is allowed to work from home which saves time of commuting , cost of commuting for staffs and for organisation it saves real estate cost then defensively disposable income of employee increases and organisation saves more from that employee.

Reason of me discussing all this is simple , If a women employee has more productivity , she will be paid more than a man as because salary is determined by market not by any one particular organisation. Every company may have same set of rules for every employee but discretion has to come on basis of productivity else , motivation of staffs will get down.

Female gender or girls in an organisation are envy of many co workers because of less productivity and high cost on them.

Why women employees are paid less salary?

1. Tend to work less working hours.

2. Tend to take more leaves which decreases dependency of organisation on female employees.

3. Organisations have to invest more in safety and security of female employees which forces them to pay less.

4. Most of women employees are considered to be less responsible towards their organisational duties then home affairs.

5. Needs more leaves in a month may be due to natural metabolism of men and women.

I may have missed few points which , I would try to update with time but fact remains on total productivity which remains less.

I think you should leave your comments at bottom of this article on Why women are paid less salary ?

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One Response to Why women are paid less salary ?

  1. har says:

    Very wrong generalization that due to various reasons women productivity is less. Actually I was not about to comment but then thought to add my 2 cents here.

    Productivity of any employee is invariably proportional to the interest and focus one has towards their work. It is independent of someone’s gender. I am a female employee. Got Project Star Award in my project and 1 rating. I have worked relentlessly the last two years to earn these appreciation. In spite of the other issues, one finds ways to handle the responsibilities one is given. So, wrong generalization in short.

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