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Zoology Optional Books

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Zoology Optional Books

Important Books of Zoology Optional For UPSC Exam-

UPSC IAS Exam is conducted by UPSC in three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. The marks you fetch in IAS Mains Exam decide your ranking in the final list. The UPSC IAS Mains exam has 9 papers, including optional papers. Zoology is an optional subject for Civil Services Mains examination. Aspirants might be aware of that the marks of the optional paper are crucial in Mains Exam. One must perform exceptionally well in this written examination, which decides your fate. Candidate should choose their favorite subject and the right strategies to execute it.

Zoology requires a huge amount of hard work. This optional paper is also quite lengthy. Aspirants should be thorough with the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus will help you to understand what to study what not to study.

Zoology Optional Syllabus

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Important Books of Zoology Optional For UPSC Exam

  • Evolution – Veer  Bala Rastogi
  • A Dictionary of Entomology – Leftwich
  • Biochemistry – Harper, Lehninger, Stryer, Rao
  • Genetics – P.K. Gupta, Gardner, Ahluwalia, Vir Bala Rastogi
  • Physiology – H.R. Singh
  • Animal physiology – H.R. Singh, Vander
  • Embryology – Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi
  • Ethology – Reena Mathur, Magazines like Science Reporter, Nature, etc.
  • Ecology – P.D. Sharma, Odum, Vir Bala Rastogi, and M.S. Jayaraj, Kotpal and Bali
  • Evolution – Vir Bala Rastogi
  • Organic evolution – Veer Bala Rastogi
  • Cell and Molecular Biology – De Robertis, C.B. Powar
  • Invertebrates – R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan
  • Vertebrates – R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan and Varma
  • Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology – Kent
  • General zoology: Tracy Irwin Storer, Robert L. Usinger
  • Economic Zoology – Shukla and Upadhaya, Kotpal Series, Kotpal- Khetrapal – Agarwal

                              1. Evolution – Veer Bala Rastogi

Author –  Veer Bala Rastogi
Price Soft Copy- 49
Price Hard Copy  – 1700

Zoology Notes

Evolution Zoology Notes

                       2. A Dictionary of Entomology – Leftwich

Author –  Veer Bala Rastogi
Price Soft Copy – 274
ISBN-10: 8123911114
ISBN-13: 978-8123911113

                       3. Physiology – H.R. Singh

Author – H.R. Singh
Price Soft Copy – 300
ISBN-10: 8188646938
ISBN-13: 978-8188646937

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                         4.Invertebrates – R.L. Kotpal

Author – R.L. Kotpal
Price Soft Copy – 681
ISBN-10: 9350780402
ISBN-13: 978-9350780404

                        5. Cell and Molecular Biology – De Robertis

Author – De Robertis
Price Soft Copy – 1350
ISBN-10: 8184734506
ISBN-13: 978-8184734508

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                6.Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology – Kent

Author – Kent
Price Soft Copy – 1683
ISBN-10: 0073038695
ISBN-13: 978-0073038698

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