10 tips to crack IIT

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10 tips to crack IIT

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IIT thats Indian Institute of technology engineering exams are considered to be toughest exam and about 1200000 students appear for IIT exam every year but only 10000 clear this exam every year. Students keep on working day night to prove their best for IIT exam. In recent past exam patterns have been changing regularly. We have tried to find tips for cracking IIT from one best faculty of IIT Chemistry from an IITan and author is also director of Vidyapeeth Academy at Patna. Vidyapeeth has been ranked number 1 IIT coaching at Patna in 2015 for engineering exams.

1. Previous year question bank( be sure that jee never ask question out of syllabus)

2. NCERT Books (all books for preparation of IIT JEE are written only on the basis       of NCERT syllabus)
3. Test series: Always join test series of national repute.( very important to monitor your preparation.)
4. The GURU: Find a guide who traveled the path of IIT JEE. But be careful about interest of teaching and teaching experience of ur guide. Be aware from learners faculty, they will spoil ur career by doing experiments on you.

5. BOOKS: Dont waste ur time in reading books by local authors.(always read famous text books e.g solomons for organic, J D LEE for inorganic and so many books for math and physics)

6. Working hours: devote at least 15 hours per week per subject.( try to accomplish ur targeted work of each subject at the end of week)
7. Behavior :  dont waste ur time in dinging and gossiping with ur family and friends.( u are going to crack exam which is toughest in the world. ones you will get selected in IIT JEE every one is going to accept that you are talented).
8. Dilution of ur interest:  Be unidirectional towards IIT JEE. dont waste ur time in exams like kvpy, ntse etc. if you can crack IIT JEE then no need to keep these certificates and awards to make ur CV strong.
9. keep yourself away from chating sharing and making friends on social media.( this will drag a huge amount of ur mental energy. for cracking exams like IIT JEE you need to have strong will power).
10. Try to cut all unnecessary works so that you will get enough time to complete ur work at time.
All above tips will help students in cracking IIT and will solve their query of “How to crack IIT”

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