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51. The radii of circular orbits of two satellites A and B of the earth, are 4R and R, respectively. If the speed of satellite A is 3V, then the speed of satellite B will be :
1) 12V
2) 3V/2
3) 3V/4
4) 6V
Correct Answer: 4

52. A vibration magnetometer placed in magnetic meridian has a small bar magnet. The magnet executes oscillations with a time period of 2 sec in earth’s horizontal magnetic field of 24 microtesla. When a horizontal field of 18 microtesla is produced opposite to earth’s field by placing a current carrying wire, the new time period of magnet will be
1) 3s
2) 4s
3) 1s
4) 2s
Correct Answer: 3

53. The total  radiant energy per unit area, normal to the direction of incidence, received at a distance R from the centre of a star of radius r, whose outer surface radiates as a black body at a temperature T K is given by
(Where σ is Stefan’s Constant)
1) σr4T4/r4
2) 4πσr2T4/R2
3) σr2T4/R2
4) σr2T4/4πr2
Correct Answer: 3

54. A thin ring of radius R meter has charge q coulomb uniformly spread on it. The ring rotates about its axis with a constant frequency of f revolutions/ s. The value of magnetic induction in Wb/m2 at the centre of the ring is:
1) µ0q/2fR
2) µ0qf/2R
3) µ0qf/2Πr
4) µ0q/2πfR
Correct Answer: 2

55. Which of the following statement is false for the properties of electromagnetic waves?
1) Both electric and magnetic field vectors are parallel to each other perpendicular to the direction of propagation of wave
2) These waves do not require any material medium for propagation
3) Both electric and magnetic field vectors attain the maxima and minima at the same place and same time
4) The energy in electromagnetic wave is divided equally between electric and magnetic vectors
Correct Answer: 1

56. A ray of light travelling in a transparent medium of refractive index µ, falls on a surface separating the medium from air at an angle of incidence of 45°. for which of the following value of µ the ray can undergo total internal reflection ?
1) µ = 1.50
2) µ = 1.25
3) µ = 1.33
4) µ = 1.10
Correct Answer: 1

57. Which one of the following statement is FALSE?
1) Minority cariers in a p-type semiconductor are electrons
2) The resistance of intrinsic semiconductor decreases with increase of temperature
3) Pure Si doped with trivalent impurities gives a p-type semiconductor
4) Majority carriers in a n-type semiconductor are holes
Correct Answer: 4

58. A particle of mass M is situated at the centre of a spherical shell of same mass and radius a. The gravitational potential at a point situated at a/2 distance from the centre, will be:
1) -(GM/a)
2) -(4GM/a)
3) -(3GM/a)
4) -(2GM/a)
Correct Answer: 3

59. Two positive ions, each carrying a charge q, are separated by a distance d. If F is the force of repulsion between the ions, the number of electrons missing from each ion will be (e being the charge on an electron)
Correct Answer: 1

60. A lens having focal lengh f and aperture of diameter d forms an image of intensity I. Aperture of diameter (d/2) in central region of lens is covered by a black paper. Focal length of lens and intensity of image now will be respectively
1) f and (3I/4)
2) (f/2) and (I/2)
3) f and (I/4)
4) (3f/4) and (I/2)
Correct Answer: 1

61. To get an output Y = 1 from the circuit shown below, the input must be :

1) A-1 B-0 C-1
2) A-1 B-0 C-0
3) A-0 B-1 C-0
4) A-0 B-0 C-1
Correct Answer: 1

62. If ∆U and ∆W represent the increase in internal energy and work done by the system respectively in a thermodynamical process, which of the following is true ?
1) ∆U = ∆W, in a adiabatic process
2) ∆U = −∆W, in a isothermal process
3) ∆U = −∆W, in a adiabatic process
4) ∆U = ∆W, in a isothermal process
Correct Answer: 3

63. The device that can act as a complete electronic circuit is :
1) Junction transistor
2) Zener diode
3) Junction diode
4) Integrated circuit
Correct Answer: 4

64. Two particles which are initially at rest, move towards each other under the action of their internal attraction. If their speeds are ν and 2ν at any instant, then the speed of centre of mass of the system will be
1) 1.5ν
2) Ν
3) 2ν
4) Zero
Correct Answer: 4

65. A series combination of n1 capacitors, each of value C1 is charged by a source of potential difference 4V. When another parallel combination of n2 capacitors, each of value C2 is charged by a source of potential difference V, it has the same (total) energy stored in it, as the first combination has. The value of C2 in terms of C1, is then :
1) 2(n2/n1)C1
2) (16C1/n1n2)
3) (2C1/n1n2)
4) 16(n2/n1)C1
Correct Answer: 2

66. A source S1 is producing, 1015 photons per second of wavelength 5000Å. Another source S2 is producing 1.02 × 1015 photons per second of wavelength 5100Å. Then (power of S2)/(power of S1) is equal to
1) 1.04
2) 0.98
3) 1.00
4) 1.02
Correct Answer: 3

67. Six vectors, through have the magnitudes and directions indicated in the figure. Which of the following statements is true




Correct Answer: 3

68. A transverse wave is represented by y = A sin (wt – kx). For what value of the wavelength is the wave velocity equal to the maximum particle velocity?
1) 2πA
2) A
3) πA/2
4) πA
Correct Answer: 1

69. A cylindrical metallic rod in thermal contact with two reservoirs of heat at its two ends conducts and amount of heat Q in time t. The metallic rod is melted and the material is formed into a rod of half the radius of the original rod. What is the amount of heat conducted by the new rod, when placed in thermal contact with the two reservoirs in time t?
1) 2Q
2) Q/2
3) Q/4
4) Q/16
Correct Answer: 4 [ ]

70. A potentiometer or circuit is set up as shown. The potential gradient, across the potentiometer wire, is k volt/ cm and the ammeter, present in the circuit, reads 10A when two way key is switched off. The balance points, when the key between the terminals (i) 1 and 2 (ii) 1 and 3, is plugged in, are found to be at lengths l1 cm and l2 cm respectively. The magnitudes, of the resistors R and X, in ohms, are then, equal, respectively, to

1) k(l2 – l1) and kl1
2) kl1 and kl2
3) k(l2 – l1) and kl2
4) kl1 and k(l2 – l1)
Correct Answer: 4

71. A ball is dropped from a high rise platform at t = 0 starting from rest. After 6 seconds another ball is thrown downwards from the same platform with a speed ν. The two balls meet at t = 18 s. What is the value of ν ?
(Take g = 10 m/s2)
1) 40 m/s
2) 60 m/s
3) 75 m/s
4) 55 m/s
Correct Answer: 3

72. The energy of a hydrogen atom in the ground state is –13.6 eV. The energy of a He+ ion in the first excited state will be :
1) –55.4 eV
2) –6.8 eV
3) –13.6 eV
4) –27.2 eV
Correct Answer: 3

73. Which one of the following bonds produces a solid that reflects light in the visible region and whose electrical conductivity decreases with temperature and has high melting point?
1) ionic bonding
2) covalent bonding
3) metallic bonding
4) van der Waal’s bonding
Correct Answer: 1

74. An engine pumps water through a hose pipe. Water passes through the pipe and leaves it with a velocity of 2 m/s. The mass per unit length of water in the pipe is 100 kg/m. What is the power of the engine
1) 100 W
2) 800 W
3) 400 W
4) 200 W
Correct Answer: 2

75. A common emitter amplifier has a voltage gain of 50, an input impedance of 100Ω and an output impedance of 200Ω. The power gain of the amplifier is
1) 1250
2) 50
3) 500
4) 1000
Correct Answer: 1

76. A conducting circular loop is placed in a uniform magnetic field B = .025 T with its plane perpendicular to the loop. The radius of the loop is made to shrink at a constant rate of 1 mm s–1. The induced emf when the radius is 2 cm, is:
1) (π/2)µV
2) 2µV
3) 2πµV
4) πµV
Correct Answer: 4

77. The potential difference that must be applied to stop the fastest photo electrons emitted by a nickel surface, having work function 5.01 eV, when ultraviolet light of 200 nm falls on it, must be:
1) –2.4 V
2) 12 V
3) 2.4 V
4) –1.2 V
Correct Answer: 4

78. In the given circuit the reading of voltmeter V1 and V2 are 300 volts each. The reading of the voltmeter V3 and ammeter A are respectively :

1) 220 V, 2.0 A
2) 100 V, 2.0 A
3) 150 V, 2.2 A
4) 220 V, 2.2 A
Correct Answer: 4

79. A circular disk of moment of inertia It, is rotating in a horizontal plane, about its symmetry axis, with a constant angular speed ωi. Another disk of moment of inertia Ib is dropped coaxially onto the rotating disk. Initially the second disk has zero angular sppeed. Eventually both the disks rotate with a constant angular speed ωf. The energy lost by the initially rotating disc to friction is :
Correct Answer: 4

80. The period of oscillation of a mass M suspended from a spring of negligible mass is T. If along with it another mass M is also suspended, the period of oscillation will now be:
1) 2T
2) √2T
3) T
4) T/√2
Correct Answer: 2

81. A block of mass m is in contact with the cart C as shown in the figure.

The coefficient of static friction between the block and the cart is µ. The acceleration α of the cart that will prevent the block from falling satisfies:
1) α ≥ (g/µ)
2) α < (g/µ) 3) α > (mg/µ)
4) α > (g/µm)
Correct Answer: 1

82. A galvanometer has a coil of resistance 100 ohm and gives a full scale deflection for 30 mA current. If it is to work as a voltmeter of 30 volt range, the resistance required to be added will be :
1) 500Ω
2) 600Ω
3) 900Ω
4) 1800Ω
Correct Answer: 4

83. A beam of cathode rays is subjected to crossed Electric (E) and Magnetic fields (B). The fields are adjusted such that the beam is not deflected. the specific charge of the cathode rays is given by :
(Where V is the potential difference between cathode and anode)
1) 2VE2/B2
2) E2/2VB2
3) B2/2VE2
4) 2VB2/E2
Correct Answer: 2

84. Consider the following statements :
(A) Kirchhoff’s junction law follows from the conservation of charge.
(B) Kirchhoff’s loop law follows from the conservation of energy.
Which of the following is correct?
1) (A) is wrong and (B) is correct
2) Both (A) and (B) are correct
3) Both (A) and (B) are wrong
4) (A) is correct and (B) is wrong
Correct Answer: 2

85. The activity of a radioactive sample is measured as N0 counts per minute at t = 0 and N0/e counts per minutes at t = 5 minutes. The time (in minutes) at which the activity reduces to half its value is :
1) 5 log10 2
2) 5 loge 2
3) loge 2/5
4) 5/loge 2
Correct Answer: 2 [ ]

86. A gramophone record is revolving with an angular velocity ω. A coin is placed at a distance r from the centre of the record. The static coefficient of friction is µ. The coin will revolve with the record if :
1) r ≤ (µg/ω2)
2) r ≥ (µg/ω2)
3) r = µgω2
4) r < (ω2/µg)
Correct Answer: 1

87. A 220 volt input is supplied to a transformer. The output circuit draws a current of 2.0 ampere at 440 volts. If the efficiency of the transformer is 80%, the current drawn by the primary windings of the transformer is :
1) 2.5 ampere
2) 50 ampere
3) 3.6 ampere
4) 2.8 ampere
Correct Answer: 2

88. A particle moves a distance x in time t according to equation x = (t + 5)–1. The acceleration of particle is proportional to :
1) (distance)–2
2) (velocity)2/3
3) (velocity)3/2
4) (distance)2
Correct Answer: 3

89. The mass of a 7Li3 nucleus is 0.042 u less than the sum of the masses of all its nucleons. The binding energy per nucleon of 7Li3 nucleus is nearly :
1) 3.9 MeV
2) 26 MeV
3) 46 MeV
4) 5.6 MeV
Correct Answer: 4

90. The displacement of a particle alone the x axis is given by x = a sin2 ωt. The motion of the particle corresponds to :
1) non simple harmonic motion
2) simple harmonic motion of frequency ω/2π
3) simple harmonic motion of frequency ω/π
4) simple harmonic motion of frequency 3ω/2π
Correct Answer: 3

91. A The dimension of (1/2) 0 E2, where 0 is permittivity of free space and E is electrif field, is
1) ML2T–1
2) MLT–1
3) ML2T–2
4) ML–1T–2
Correct Answer: 4

92. A square surface of side L meter in the plane of the paper is placed in a uniform electric field E (volt/ m) acting along the same plane at an angle θ with the horizontal side of the square as shown in figure. The electric flux linked to the surface, in units of volt -m, is

1) EL2 sinθ
2) Zero
3) EL2
4) EL2 cosθ
Correct Answer: 2

93. An alpha nucleus of energy (1/2) mv2 bombards a heavy nuclear target of charge Ze. Then the nucleus will be proportional to:
1) 1/m
2) 1/v2
3) 1/Ze
4) v2
Correct Answer: 1

94. Electromagnets are made of soft iron because soft iron has
1) low retentivity and low coercive force
2) high retentivity and low coercive force
3) low retentivity and high coercive force
4) hig retentivity and high coercive force
Correct Answer: 1

95. A man of 50 kg mass is standing in a gravity free space at a height of 10 m above the floor. He throws a stone of 0.5 kg mass downwards with a speed 2 m/s. When the stone reaches the floor, the distance of the man above the floor will be:
1) 10 m
2) 20 m
3) 99 m
4) 10.1 m
Correct Answer: 4

96. A ball moving with velocity 2 m/s collides head on with another stationary ball of double the mass. If the coefficient of restitution is 0.5, then their velocities (in m/s) after collision will be:
1) 1, 0.5
2) 0, 2
3) 0, 1
4) 1, 1
Correct Answer: 3

97. In producing chlorine by electrolysis 100 kW power at 125 V is being consumed. How much chlorine per minute is liberated (E.C.E. of chlorine is 0.367 × 10–6 Kg/C)
1) 17.61 × 10–3 kg
2) 3.67 × 10–3 kg
3) 1.76 × 10–3 kg
4) 9.67 × 10–3 kg
Correct Answer: 1

98. A particle has initial velocity (3î + 4ĵ) and has acceleration (0.4î + 0.3ĵ). Its speed after 10 s
is :
1) 8.5 units
2) 10 units
3) 7 units
4) 7√2 units
Correct Answer: 4

99. A square current carrying loop is suspended in a uniform magnetic field acting in the plane of the loop. If the force on one arm of the loop is , the net force on the remaining three arms of the loops is :
1) -3
3) 3
4) –
Correct Answer: 4

100. A tuning fork of frequency 512 Hz makes 4 beats per second with the vibrating string of a piano. The beat frequency decrease to 2 beats per sec when the tension in the piano string is slightly increased. The frequency of the piano string before increasing the tension was:
1) 516 Hz
2) 508 Hz
3) 510 Hz
4) 514 Hz
Correct Answer: 1

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