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Quantitative Aptitude

1. Find the remainder when (2222^5555 + 5555^2222)/7.

a. 3
b. 2
c. 0
d. 6

2. Find the 28383rd term of the series:


a. 3
b. 4
c. 9
d. 7

3. A’s salary is first increased by 25% and then decreased by 20%.the result is same as the B’s salary increased by 20% and then reduced by 25%.Find the ratio of B’s to that of the A’s.

a. 4:3
b. 11:10
c. 10;9
d. 12:11

4. A shopkeeper calculates percentage profiton the buying price and another on the selling price.what will be there difference in in profitsif both claim a profit of20% on good soldfor Rs.3000?

a. Rs.200
b. Rs.100
c. Rs.400
d. Rs.150

5. A rickshaw dealer buys a 30 rickshaws for Rs.4725.Of these,8 are four seater and rest are 2 seaters.At what price must he sell the four seaters so that if he sell the 2 seaters at ¾ th of this price,he makes a profit of 40% on his outlay?

a. Rs.180
b. Rs.270
c. Rs.360
d. Rs.450

6. An engineer undertakes a project to build the road 15 km long in 300 days and employs 45 men for the purpose.After 100 days,he finds only 2.5 km of the road has been completed. Find the approx.number of extra men he must employ tofinish the workin time.

a. 43
b. 45
c. 55
d. 68

7. Ram and Shyam run a race of 2000m.First Ram gives s start of 200m and beats him by 30s.

Next,ram gives shyam a start of 3 min and is between by 1000m.Find the time in minutes in which Ram and Shyam can run the race separately.

a. 8,10
b. 4,5
c. 5,9
d. 6,9

8. At what time are the hands of clock together between 2&3?

a. 2/11 hours past 2 p.m.
b. 2/9 hours past 2 p.m.
c. 2:10 p.m.
d. None of these.

9. If ABC is a quarter circle and a circle is inscribed in it and if AB= 1 cm,find radius of smaller circle.

a. ?2-1
b. (?2+1)/2
c. ?2-1/2
d. 1-2?2

10. Which of the following operation will give the sum of reciprocals of x and y and 1?

a. (x + y)*(x – y)
b. [(x*y)-x] –y
c. [{(x*y) – (x+y)} – x] –y
d. (x+y) – (x-y)

11. Let x , y & z be distinct integers x&y are odd and positive,and z is even and positive.Which of the following statements cannot be true?

a. (x-y)^2*y is even
b. (x-z)*y^2 is odd
c. (x-z)*y is odd
d. (x-y)^2*z is even

12. Find the no.of ways of selecting the committee with a max of two womenand having at the max one women holding one of the two posts on the committee.

a. 16
b. 512
c. 608
d. 324

13. In how many ways can a selection be made of 5 letters out of 5A’s,4B’s ,3C’s,2D’s and 1E?

a. 70
b. 71
c. 15c5
d. None of these.

14. A train is running between Patna and Howrah.Seven people enter the train somewhere between Patna and howrah.it is given that 9 stops are there between Patna and Howrah.In how many ways can ticket be purchased if no restriction is therewith respect to the no of tickets at any station? 2 people donot buy the same ticket.

a. 45c7
b. 63c7
c. 56c7
d. 52c7

15. A walks around a circular field at rate of one round per hour while b runs around it at the rate of 6 rounds per hour.They start in the same directionfrom the same point at 7.30 a.m.they shall 1stcross each other at;

a. 7.42 a.m.
b. 7.48 a.m.
c. 8.10 a.m.
d. 8.30 a.m.

16. In Arun,s opinion ,his weight is greater than 65 kgbut less than 72 kg.His brother does not agree with arunand he thinks that Arun’s weight is greater than 60 kg but less than 70 kg.

His mother’s view is that his weight cannot be greater than68 kg.If all of them are correct in their estimation,what is the average of different probable weights of Arun?

a. 67 kg
b. 68 kg
c. 69 kg
d. Data inadequate

17. If the mean of a,b ,c is M and ab + bc + ca = 0,then the mean of a2 ,b2 ,c2 is ;

a. M2
b. 3M2
c. 6M2
d. 9M2

18. In a room,there are 7 persons.The chance that two of them were born on the same day of the week is

a. 1080/7^5
b. 2160/7^5
c. 540/7^4
d. None of these

19. A speaks truth in 75% cases and B in 80% of the cases.In what percentage of cases are they likely to contradict each other,narrating the same incident?

a. 5%
b. 15%
c. 35%
d. 45%

20. Each of A,B and C need a certain unique time to do a certain work.C needs 1 hour less than A to complete the work.Working together,they require 30 minutes to complete 50% of the job.The work also get completed if A & B start working together and A leaves after 1 hour and B works for a further 3 hours.How much work does C do per hour?

a. 16.66%
b. 33.33%
c. 50%
d. 66.66%


Directions (1 to 5)

In a car exhibition,seven cars of seven different brands,viz.Cadillac Ambassador ,Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford and Fargo were displayed in a row ,facing east direction such that:

I. Cadillac was to the immediate right of Fargo.
II. Fargo was fourth to the right of Fiat.
III. Maruti was between the Ambassador and Bedford
IV. Fiat,which was third to the left of Ambassador,was at one of the extreme ends.

1. Which of the following was the correct position of the Mercedes?

a. To the immediate right of Fargo
b. To the immediate left of Bedford
c. Between Bedford and Fargo
d. Fourth to the right of Maruti

2. Which of the following is definitely true?

a. Fargo is between Ambassador and the Fiat
b. Cadillac is to the immediate left of Mercedes
c. Fargo is to the immediate right of Cadillac
d. Maruti is fourth to the right of Mercedes

3. Which cars are neighbours of Cadillac?

a. Ambassador and Maruti
b. Maruti and Fiat
c. Fiat and Mercedes
d. Mercedes and Fargo

4. Which of the following is definitely true?

a. Maruti is to the immediate Left of Ambassador
b. Bedford is at one of the ends
c. Fiat is second to the right of Maruti
d. Bedford is at one of the ends

5. Which of the following groups of cars is to the right of the Ambassador?

a. Cadillac,Fargo and Maruti
b. Maruti,Bedford and Fiat
c. Mercedes,Cadillac and Fargo
d. Bedford,Cadillac and Fargo

Directions (6 to 7)

A,B,C,D are four boys and E,F,G,H are four girls.They form four couples.The boys found different ideas to propose their girlfriends.

  • I. A’s girlfriend doesn’t like movies or roses.
  • II. E is not fond of chocolates or roses.
  • III. H avoids going for movies and beaches.
  • IV. B’s girlfriend is neither G nor E.
  • V. D’s girlfriend loves to go to the beaches.
  • VI. F is not attached to A or D.
  • VII. Boyfriend of F neither gave her chocolates nor took to beach to propose her.
  • VIII. For B,rose worked out to be lucky.
  • IX. A and G are nice couple.

6. Whose girlfriend is H?

a. B
b. C
c. A
d. D

7. Who took his girlfriend to movies to propose her?

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D

8. A survey showed that among 10,000 Americans,some like apples,20% like mangoes and some like pineapples.It was also observed that 5% liked both apples and mangoes and 3% liked both mangoes and pineapples.Also 2% liked all the three fruits.How many among them liked only mango?

a. 3900
b. 3300
c. 1400
d. Data insufficient

9. If CAT is coded as 24,what will be the code number for BAT?

a. 21
b. 23
c. 32
d. 42

10. 5,7,8,11,13,17,?

a. 18
b. 20
c. 24
d. 26

11. AG,LR,WC,HN?

a. SX
b. RY
c. SY
d. TX


a. EZP
b. EYQ
c. EFP
d. EXP

Directions (13 to 14)

X and y are two different two-digit numbers.They are numerical reversals of each other and so are the squares of these numbers.

13. How many such pairs are possible/

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4

14. We take smaller numbers from all the pairs.Sum of each smaller numbers is

a. 23
b. 25
c. 38
d. 36
e. None of these

Directions (15 to 17)

A rectangle has integral dimensions.The perimeter and area of this rectangle are equal in numerical value.

15. How many such rectangles are possible? (assume that a square is also a rectangle.)

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. Infinitely many

16. How many such squares are possible?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. Infinitely many

17. If it is a rectangle (i.e.not a square),what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

a. 6×4
b. 6×4
c. 4×3
d. 6×2
e. No such rectangle is possible

18. A,B,C want to play football or cricket.If A plays football,then B and C play the same sport.If B plays football,then A and C does not play the same sort.If C plays cricket,then A and B play same sport.Who among the following always play cricket?

a. B
b. A
c. C
d. Either (a) or (b)
e. None of these

Directions (19 to 20)

There are two consecutive natural numbers whose product is equal to the product of three consecutive natural numbers.

19. How many such pairs of natural numbers are possible?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. More than 3

20. What is the product?

a. 6
b. 210
c. Either (a) or (b)
d. 110
e. None of these



Fill in the blanks

1. The best punctuation is that of which the reader is least conscious; for when punctuation,or lack of it,______ itself,it is usually because it _____

a. Obtrudes,offends
b. Enjoins,fails
c. Effaces,counts
d. Conceals,recedes

2. The argument that the need for a looser fiscal policy to _____ demand outweighs the need to _______ budget deficits is persuasive.

a. Outstrip,eliminate
b. Assess,minimise
c. Restrain,conceal
d. Stimulate,control

3. The simplified ______ to the decision—making process is a must read for anyone _________important real estate,personal,or pprofessional decisions.

a. Guide,facing
b. Tract,enacting
c. Introduction,under
d. Primer,maximising

4. Companies that try to improve employees’ performance by __________ rewards encourage negative kinds of behaviour ,instead of _________ a genuine interest in doing the work well.

a. Giving,seeking
b. Withholding,fostering
c. Bestowing,discouraging
d. Conferring,discrediting

5. Physician may soon have _______ to help paralysed people move their limbs by bypassing the _________ nerves that once controlled their muscles.

a. Ways,damaged
b. Reason,involuntary
c. Impedimeents,complex
d. Instrument,detrimental

Rearrange the sentences

6. A.The experience of god feels like flying
B.it feels as if I’m walking above the ground with such equibrium that nothing can sway me from my path.
C.it’s like being the eye of the storm.
D.I see without judgement or opinion.
E.it’s just as everything asses in and out of my awareness like clouds.


7.A.This is far from true.
B.it is typical of modern life to believe that nature is set up to be random and chaotic
C.As one spiritual teacher wisely put it.The material world is infinite,but it is a boring infinity.The really interesting infinity lies beyond.”
D.Life looks meaningless when you have worn out old responses,old realities,and an old version of God.
E.To bring God back ,we have to follow new ,even strange responses wherever they lead us.


8.A.There is a strong manufacturing base for a variety of products.
B.India has come a long way on the technology front.
C.But the technology adopted has been largely of foreign origin
D.there are,however areas such as atomic energy,space,agriculture and defence where significant strides have been made in evolving relevant technologies within the country.


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