Are Credit Cards Spoiling Our Habits?

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We have used CREDIT CARDS  numerous times but still most of us are not aware about the origin of credit cards and what are they!

If credit card  has to be defined in simple language it can be defined as –


Credit Cards

Credit Card Spoiling Our Habits

The bank credit money to the cardholder because of the promise made by him/her of paying back the borrowed money .It is always said that Coin has two faces similarly credit cards have their own pros and cons.



This is one of the major advantage of credit card .Say for e.g. you have to pay your hospital bill, it would be practically stupid to rush to a bank for loan. There comes the “credit card” or “savoir” .For such emergency situations credit cards are very useful.



This is one thing which we face very often i.e. cash mis- management. Imagine you are purchasing an item worth Rs 7000 and you all have in your pocket is coins, sounds bizarre right? To avoid such ruckus we have notes .Similarly, to avoid cash mis-management now-a-days people carry credit cards very often.


  • FINANCIAL SECURITY: If credit cards are used wisely they always give you financial security during worst times.


Do you know credit cards have higher interest rates (around 19% per year) than most consumer loans.Lets look at the cons of credit cards….

  • Credit card gives you power to purchase almost anything,even those items which are not in your budget ,thus an individual ends up paying more price  for the item.
  • Credit cards encourage a shopaholic in us and if not controlled at right time one can end up in heavy debt.
  • It ceases the sense of realization of of actual cost of asset.For eg.if we have a bill of 10,000/-  and if we pay cash we will realize how costly the item is. On other hand if the same amount is paid by credit card we just have to sweep the card and sign the bill.Thus,credit card ceases visibility and realization of the cost of item.


We should understand credit cards are not for everyone!The people who cannot be in their budget should avoid using credit cards.Credit cards can be your play cards if used WISELY and by being in the budget they can help you with travel reservations,purchasing easily and securely..They can even help you with budget and savings.

So,what are you waiting for? Grab your credit cards and make the most of your financial resources.

Let us know your opinion on Are really credit cards spoiling our habits.

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40 Responses to Are Credit Cards Spoiling Our Habits?

  1. nba 2k18 mt says:

    This page really has all the information and facts
    I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  2. says:

    you’re actually a just right webmaster. The web site loading
    pace is amazing. It sort of feels that you are doing any
    unique trick. Moreover, The contents are masterwork.
    you have done a fantastic job on this topic!

  3. auto notes buyers says:

    This site truly has all of the information and facts I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who
    to ask.

  4. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Its a hideous job to roam about carrying lots of money as there is always a probability to get attraction in lieu of robbery and other ill effects . Thus its always a positive side to carry credit card along with us . Safety and easiness is added if we follow the habit of carrying it with us . Thus it does not spoil us whereas it makes us a positive way around in all sectors .

  5. Akshat Kumar Verma says:

    As far i am concerned i think rotation of money is very much necessary and by using credit card you are using the money without having notes in your hand thus RBI don’t have to print a large amount of cash (for printing cash RBI has to put some gold or some kind valuable property) thus it helps to develop economy.Also by credit policy government can easily control inflation rate also buying power of the individuals.So i believe that credit cards have much benefits then its drawbacks
    if we talk about the insincerity of the people who spends a lot i think whether you spend money by cash or by credit card insincere person will not care for spending money.A person who earns money he knows how much hard work he has done to get this money in his pocket.

  6. avinash kumar singh says:

    credit cards is the most important thing in our daily life , due to this many advantage we are gettine the time . As there is a risk to carry cash everywhere we cant take this risk .The creation of credit cards provided by banks make it easy to get cash anywhere in the world.
    It also saves human time. Just because of these cards people don’t have to waste their useful time in waiting for cash transaction.

  7. Saswat Nayak says:

    this topic is so useful and belong to the recent controversy.

  8. Rohit Kumar says:

    Every card has a two face. I n some way it is helpful to us. Since it provide us facility so we have to pay for that. As far as i concern credit cards are not spoiling our habits. Now a days we do not have to carry a lot of money in our pocket. Its not comfortable and for security purpose its good to have credit card.

  9. sibanjan says:

    this article gives us an idea of the pros and the demerits of the credit cards… everything in the world has both… the positive and negative side…. credit cards take a small space and gives us a more security…. this is good one,,,, but for any shopaholic people …using of credit cards can bring disaster… its pros or cons depend upon how it is used….

  10. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    We all especially me being a girl am quite fond of ‘shopping’. And having a credit card in hand just boosts our hunch for it any and every-time we see something which catches our eyes! So,a habit spoiler no-doubt, leads people into being spendthrifts and then very often landing in debts because of the unaccounted spending habits. But it’s definitely a boon to people who have to carry large amounts of cash for business purpose. Hence like everything else these ‘rectangular shaped plastic cards’ commonly known as credit cards have their own positive & negative effects. When used responsibly enough they sure can come in quite handy.

  11. sanjana kumari says:

    As we all know that every new INVENTION has both benefits and disadvantages. Similarly, CREDIT CARDS are also one of those famous inventions which become a necessity and an important need of the people. Nowadays people find themselves bounded in a really hectic and busy schedule, so they are always in a need of a certain means which can relieve them from the various matters related to security of the money they earn with so much pain… And I think Credit Card is one just a boon of us when it comes to security of money and less wastage of time. But as we know, excess of everything is bad.. similar is the case with Credit Cards. But still it is the need of today’s busy society so I strongly support its use.

  12. Harshita Rathi says:

    now-a-days credit cards are very useful in our daily life. As there is a risk to carry cash everywhere we cant take this risk .The creation of credit cards provided by banks make it easy to get cash anywhere in the world.
    It also saves human time. Just because of these cards people don’t have to waste their useful time in waiting for cash transaction. With the help of credit cards we can easily transfer cash from ones account to another in just few seconds. We can use credit cards for the billing of food in hotels , in maals for shopping. This is the good part of using credit card if people use it in another wrong way then it may be harmful.

  13. Gourav Jain says:

    Though a controversial topic but I very much like it..
    But i myself being a big user of credit card ( obviously not mine. my fathers 😉 ), i totally prefer the use of credit cards as they are handy and less risky when compared to carrying hard cash.

  14. Manisha Chawla says:

    Credit Cards are definitely not spoiling our habits , rather these are very useful cards issued by banks to save a customer’s time and hurdles of carrying cash everywhere. Although it has some cons but they are not above its pros. If the person uses the credit cards in right way and doesn’t exceeds the limit of his/her bank balance then the use of these cards will not become a disadvantage for sure.

  15. aratrika sengupta says:

    on a discussion notion, i would like to state my opinion on a biased state, that credit cards definitely are a boon to fast moving life that people are heading for or have actually adapted to by now but India being a developing country has yet got its consequences as a result of which smooth flow of cash cards didn’t happen in places like ordinary mode of conveyance or street side necessary setups. But people having the swap cards mostly, have already given up on the habit of carrying cash with them as a matter of which the commoners suffer the most.

  16. SNEHA SINHA says:

    Credit card reduces the burden of carrying cash everywhere.I agree with the pros and cons stated in the article but every object has its good and bad side,its the one we choose decides it’s value…..Credit cards if used wisely turns out to be boon and it is good for those who have lots of self control…the article was really impressive…..

  17. Amit Kumar says:

    Everything has a flip side. The things which came into existence for our SOPHISTICATION have some adverse effects too. We should not focus more on the negative outcomes of everything. this is what we call modern era- on a broader scale, if the advantages of anything are more, accept it, use it wherever applicable and then move on to something better. Credit Cards are meant for our sophistication, and sophistication comes with wrong turn-ups.

  18. sumit mukherjee says:

    It is the fact that credit card has two sides, but off course a wise fellow can make use of it. The main logic is that to understand the use of that card at the right place at the right time. Then i am sure that this will be the magic wand to us …

  19. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    As coin as two sides credit cards also have advantages and disadvantages. I think a credit cards saves our time.

  20. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    I am really support this post because credit card agent only give the boom of credit card they dont want to discuss the effect behind that card. And absolutely credit card is not for everyone even my point of view we dont want any credit card because if we dont want to take cash so much so we have to carry our debit card it is also feasible in most of the shops rather than credit card. And it will not spoil our habit it will also spoil our pocket. So, i dont think credit card is good for us.

  21. Seema Mishra says:

    A student entering college can be bombarded with credit card offers on a college campus. Student credit cards can offer convenience, give an opportunity to build credit and to learn responsibility. It is imperative, however, that students also recognize the dangers of credit card debt.
    But atlast I agree with the points which are mentioned above in this article.

  22. preeti nisha says:

    A two word ease – CREDIT CARD makes our life elementary and very effortless . In my opinion its a simplified
    way to lease ourselves from the burden of carrying cash everytime and everywhere. On the very basic fact it solves the problems of need of money in a flash. One should always be wise in terms of money and if they are Credit Cards will prove budgetary to them . Its very easy to use, secure and one can easily fulfill their instant needs. There are exception to every thing and shopaholics are exceptions here.. They will end up spending too much whether its cash or card. As a matter of realization of value of money i don’t think it comes from cash only. Its a self realization and even if we are using credit cards we have the obligation to repay it @19% more. is that not enough for realizing the cost???

  23. Atif Pall says:

    Credit cards – A simple yet protected piece of rectangular shaped plastic often used for the safe withdrawal of your necessities at the time of some bigger transactions.
    Cannot be bad for sure as it can be blocked by a simple call dial to its respective customer care service. Adding on there is a provision for changing password each time you think you are insecure.
    easy to use, completely portable , lets you travel safely without the burden of carrying higher funds at emergencies.

  24. shreya sarkar says:

    I totally agree with the pros and cons stated in this article. In my opinion credit card is for people having self control and those who know where to stop otherwise one can land up in a very problematic situation. And shopping or rather I would say “spending” is a very easy habit to pick up but a very difficult one to lose. Therefor it is better for people to carry cash or go for debit cards which, i personally feel, is a much safer option.

  25. Neha S says:

    credit cards just like a coins has two opposite sides..
    AYE but we cares?? Everyone like to be spoiled…
    my vote go FOR credit cards 😉

  26. KRITI DAS says:

    credit cards are meant for convience..,that is not what we call spoiling habit.IT is like asking why fans cool us,as they are meant to do so..

  27. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Its depend only upon us how we use it.
    Now a days credit card is very useful for every one.
    But we have to understand and have to very careful about the usage of it.
    the purpose of the credit card is to make our life more easy.
    Its provide us financial security.
    So we should restrict ourselves from the unnecessary usage of the credit card.

  28. Jishnu Sen says:

    Every thing has its own pros and cons. We are the consumers and we must decide whether we want to use it for a good purpose or a bad or unnecessary purpose. When we have credit cards in our pockets, we say we are much safe as we do not need to worry about the robber or thieves or burglars. But we enter shopping malls as credit cards cannot be used in a shop on a pavement. Resulting in higher cost of living and alternating our habits. the thing about credit card is that we are not able to see how much cash we are loosing and hence we are using more than we can actually afford. It is not the fault of credit card, it is the fault of the consumer. If can control our greed and habits then it is perfectly alright to use a credit card.

  29. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    We can not say that credit cards are spoiling our habits. We are using this things. So it is our responsibility to restrict ourselves from the abuses of this kind of facilities. Sometime in emergency it helps us to overcome critical situations. But we should remember that we have to pay back 19% interest which is huge. So we have to use credit cards when it is really needed. And we also have to differentiate between luxury and necessity , otherwise the credits will be a big pressure. After all we have to pay for the credits .

  30. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    Like everything credit cards also have advantages and disadvantages.In this 21st century everybody is getting very much advanced to save time is very much important now a in that sense credit cards are very much beneficial but we should not forget if we credit we have to pay it back with 19% interest and that is not matter of joke.I think the banks get more benefited with using credit cards in emergency cases is fine but it should not be a habit.

  31. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    credit card generates a feeling of carelessness towards money as it do not impose burden at the beginning but at the end of the year or the time limit it turn out to be a huge sum of amount if it is not used according to one’s capability.There is a saying -richer gets richer n poorer gets more poorer…..this saying is very true in such cases-MAY BE USING CREDIT CARDS DO NOT MAKE SOMEONE RICH BUT FOR AN AVERAGE MAN IT CAN GET WORSE.


    ARTICLES on such topics are really useful for making the crowd aware of the true utilization.

  32. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Of late we are becoming very lazy and we wants to save our time.So we have discovered the credit card.I think it is the time savings process.When it was not discovered then we have to go to bank and we have to stand in a queue.that takes so many time.So,i think it is better for our daily life.

  33. Ruchi _ says:

    to make the best use of it , need to understand its pros n cons..

  34. Pallavi sinha says:

    Article looks impressive n focusses on all merits nd demerits of credit card. From my point of view there are enormous amounts of benefits of credit cards against its cons.It can help our budget expenses every month n very convenient to use. While making costly purchase with credit card it gives us a degree of theft protection that we cannot get when we pay with cash.

    • Sayanti Banerjee says:

      BUT My FRIEND end of the day it is a credit…u have to pay back
      may it pulls down your burden but it does not mean that the burden is gone forever-u need to pay back with almost 19% rate of interest…which again creates a heavy dose
      and of course i agree about the point u mentioned about protection….

      • Chaitali Mallick says:

        Yes Friend you are right. But today a Credit card carries an identifying number which speeds shopping transaction. Imagine a credit purchase would be like without it… the sales person need to record all your data like your name, phone number, billing address etc. Isn’t it very time consuming??

  35. akanksha chaturvedi says:

    I respect your thoughts Bharti but still some where it has affected our life

  36. Devesh Tripathi says:

    interesting topic!
    I find it helpful!!!!!!
    bt the tax levied on it is really high!!!!

  37. BHarti PaNdey says:

    No i dont think that they are spoiling our habits as they are built generally to solve our cash related problem and now it is up to us that how we utilize it to solve our Money related Problems!!!

    • Dinesh Tripathi says:

      Well evrythng in d market also sustains cz it makes a profit statement!!!!
      I solves our money related problm only to sme extent!!!!!!!!

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