Backbone Networks

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The backbone network networks have been categorized as the –

bus network topology

A bus network is the type of network in which a particular set of the stations or workstations are connected all together through the communication channel that can be either line or cables known as bus.


bus topology

bus topology


In the bus network,it uses the broadcast channel which particularly means that stations have equal priority to transmit the data in this and every channel has the access to the transmission data and information.Sometimes the case arises that two stations transmit at the same time which leads to the case of collision.In such a case the stations themselves atribate to decide that which station will resend the data first accordingly.


Installation is easy

It is quite simple and cheap.

If any one of the computer fails in the network it doesn’t affect the others.


If the main cable fails which connects the all the computers through it,then the whole network fails.

If the signal covers the longer distance to transmit the information then the signal weakens.

A fault along the shared communication line stops all transmissions in the network.

Star network

The star network consist of the central hub which acts as the main source to transmit the messages.This consists of the central node which connects all the other nodes.In this every node is  connected to the central hub or switch.The switch is the main server.


star topology

star topology

The star topology reduces the chance of the network failure by connecting all the systems to the central node.All the nodes communicate with all the other by transmitting and receiving the data from the central mode.The case in which a particular node fails it doesn’t affect the working of the other sources.


The performance of the network is better than the bus topology.

Each device is isolated by the link that helps it to connect it to the hub.

Fault detection and removal of the faulty part is easy.


Failure of the central hub leads to the failure of the entire network.


  •  To connect the remote LANs one looks into setting up a virtual prvate network(VPN) which allows the connection of the two or more remote LANs via internet over the encrypted channel.
  • First of all install the VPN bridge on the PC.Then a cascade connection is set upfrom the bridge to the virtual hub of VPN online test environment server.
  • Then a local bridge is connected between the virtual hub and the physical Lan card in the bridge computer to connect LAN and VPN.
  • Even if there is proxy or firewall between the local network and the internet then the VPN makes it possible to connect to the PCs on the LAN.
  • Then the computers are  connected to the virtual hub.On the hub each computer is placed within the same network segment as the LAN.
  • All the transferred data is protected by encryption so it cant be manipulated in the network between.

Related questions and answers

1.What do you mean by topology??

Topology is the arrangement of the various links or nodes etc of the network.

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of bus topology??

The advantages are-installation is easy,it is simple and cheap,failure of one computer doesn’t affect the working of others.

The disadvantages are-if the main cable fails it affects the entire network,if the signal is transmitted over the longer distances the signal weakens.

3.What is the star network??

The star network consists of the central hub which is the main source for transmitting the messages.The central hub connects all the other hubs.

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  1. Shannon Oswald says:

    Does anyone remember if you disconnect a computer from the bus leaving the main bus media intact but the “t” connector port open where the computer was connected, does the network segment stay up?

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    How we implement the networking field, entirely depends upon the topologies. This is mainly called the network backbone. The several categories of it has been mentioned here. I am thankful for the article that i learn something new from it, on networking.

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    Backbone Networks is now a days used at every industries as it links various computer through one channel this helps user to share and send data’s at a rapid speed more over it provides different computer access from a single control.Nice article with vital information.

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    This article carries information related with backbone network…a useful article…must read it.

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    Backbone network as the name suggests is a network that supports other networks.

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