Optional Books of Geology

Best Book of Geology Optional for IAS Exam

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Best Book of Geology Optional for IAS Exam

Geology a branch of Earth Sciences has risen as one of the most secure and scoring optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services Mains examination. This subject is easy to understand, hence easy to crack. So, if the aspirants have profound interests in geology, then choose this subject. The syllabus of geology for UPSC IAS Mains exam is long and aspirants may require over three months covering the syllabus. The syllabus of Geology ought to be done before prelims.

Many Aspirants who are preparing for the  UPSC Exam they are generally preferred some books which are used by aspirants list are here-

Best Book of Geology Optional for IAS Exam-

  • Advancing Frontiers in Geology and Geophysics: A Volume in Honour of M.S. Krishnan- A P Subramaniam & S. Balakrishnan
  • Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Writings on Geology and Mineralogy: Scientific Papers and Comments- Ranganathan, A. & Rao, K. Srinivasa (Eds.)
  • Concise Glossary of Geology- Mathur, S.M.
  • Deccan Traverses: The Making of Bangalore’s Terrain-Mathur, Anuradha & Cunha, Dilip Da
  • Delta Sedimentation: East Coast of India- Singh, I.B. & Swamy, A.S.R.
  • Dimensions of Himalayan Geology- Biyani, A.K.
  • Early Man in Eastern Himalayas: North-East India and Nepal- Sharma, A. K.
  • Encyclopedia of Geology- Yadgiri, Vaishali
  • Encyclopedia of Paleontology- Sharma, Vivek
  • Foreland Sedimentation in Himalayan Tectonic Regime: A Relook at the Orogenic Process- V. Raiverma

Syllabus of Geology Optional For UPSC Exam


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