Best Courses After 12th Non Medical

Best Courses After 12th Non Medical

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Best Courses After 12th Non Medical

The world is too small for those who think that medical is the only highest paid and esteemed profession of the planet. There are a number of non-medical courses to be studied. Non medical courses can be classified into two categories. One is for them who have studied biology as their main subject while the other category is for them who chose to learn math. There are differences in the Non-medical courses for the students of biology and maths. Let me make this clearer for you with the help of an example. Engineering and agriculture are two different courses. But these courses are not available for the students of both the streams. Only the biology student can study Agriculture while Engineering is only available to the students of Math. If you ask me, I would say the Best courses after 12th non-medical is biotechnology and agriculture for the students of biology while engineering is at utmost for the students of math.

Here is a list of the Best courses after 12th non-medical:-

1. Genetic engineering – this is a field of research where you get to play with the genes. You will be taught to produce a hybrid variety of crops and will also be taught to develop high yielding animals, which are beneficiary for the human welfare. This can be a Best course after 12th non-medical for you, with a large figure salary.
2. Agriculture ¬– Agriculture is considered to be the highest glooming career of today¬’s Growing India. The government of India is on its way to the building of more and more agriculture colleges in the country and producing an as much good quality of crops they could. This is a highly paid job with immense respect in the society.
Some of the renowned institutes of agriculture are- National Dairy research institute, Indian agricultural research institute, Bihar Agricultural University (BAU)

3. Mass communication – This is the Best courses after 12th non medical for those who have a keen interest in the affairs of the society. This requires a huge potential and ability to communicate with the audiences. Confidence is the premier object required in this field of study. Mass communication has three branches namely journalism, Films and television. However many institutes have different names of the courses in mass communication they offer.
Some renowned mass communication colleges in India are- AJ Kidwai MCRC, JMI, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, etc
4. Bachelor of Arts – There is a huge scope for the aspirants of this course to be government officials. You can study these subjects at any college.

You can also go for various engineering branches such as-



IT engineering

Computer science engineering


Some more Best courses after 12th non medical, out of which some of them are listed below-








You are not bound by any course to learn. Just open your arms and let the wisdom embrace you. And always choose what you want to rather what others want you to.


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