Best Delhi University Courses After 12th

Best Delhi University Courses After 12th

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The University of Delhi is one of the best Universities in the country. Every year lakhs of students apply for different courses in different colleges. They have a lot of courses that students can apply. We have tried to compile a list of Best Delhi University Courses After 12th for the convenience of the students.

Best Delhi University courses after 12th

Delhi University is the first name that conquers the minds of all students nationwide after schooling and this is what makes the 96-year-old Delhi University, disappointing for an immense number of students. The prestigious Delhi University offers the best quality education. Delhi University has the highest cut-off marks in the country and only the brightest get to enjoy its premises. The University consists of 16 faculties, 77 colleges, 86 departments, 132435 regular students, and 261169 informal program students, while it had started its educational trip with just two colleges. Let’s take a look at the Best Delhi University courses after the 12th.

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Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Delhi University courses after 12th

  1. (Hons.) – This is the Best Delhi university course after the 12th for all the Aryabhattas and Ramanujans of the nation. Many of the leading economists and accountants of the nation are the products of this course at DU. The pupils of this course are taught about the following subjects- financial accounting, business statistics, microeconomics, business law etc.

Best DU colleges for– Hansraj College, Hindu College, Indraprastha College, SRCC, LSR, etc.

  1. Economics (Hons.) – Economics is called the field of analysis. The number of lovers is the utmost people in the list of people joining this course at Delhi University. The history has witnessed the role of the economists in the building of a nation or an institution. This is also considered to be the Best Delhi University course after the 12th. Students are taught about the following subjects- mathematics, Micro-macroeconomics, statistics and economic policy.

The Best DU colleges for economics – Hindu, Hansraj, LSR, St. Stephens etc.

  1. English Literature – A reading geek is a perfect material for this course. The students of the English literature course have to go through a large number of poetry books and novels during and after the tenure of the course. The students of this course choose to be writers and authors in the future. Some other career avenues for these students are- Journalism, Publishing, Editing and Translating.

Best DU colleges for English literature are- Jesus and Marry College, LSR, St. Stephens College, Hindu College, Maharaja Agarasen College, etc.

  1. Botany – Plants are the lifesavers of human beings and all other animals on the planet. This stream of DU teaches its students to save the lives of the life savours i.e. Plants. The students attain detailed knowledge about the functioning of the plants. The subjects taught in this course are- Taxonomy, Ecology and molecular biology.

The best DU colleges for Botany are – Daulatram College, Hansraj College, Ramjas College, etc.

  1. Political Science (Hons) –Political science is a flagship course for the students  This course introduces its students to the political setups of different countries of the world. The students of this course further become political advisors and join civil services.

The best DU colleges for Political Science are – Kalindi College, Nehru College, LSR, Kamla Nehru College, etc.

Methods of getting into Best Delhi University courses after 12th

There are two doors to get into Delhi University. The first way is to gain a high percentage in your qualifying exam and the other way is through entrance exams. We advise students  to look at various reviews of the courses and consult the alumni network  before joining any course as a verification process is necessary in this process.

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Best Delhi University courses after the 12th.
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Best Delhi University courses after the 12th.
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