What are the best optional subject for UPSC?

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Best Optional Subjects for UPSC?

Most of the time it’s has been seen that people are confused among the options subjects Optional Subject for UPSC which needs to be taken for the UPSC Exam. Hopes for the many Desires for the millions. UPSC is the toughest exam of the INDIA. It’s the prestigious Exam as well in India.

As far as the optional subject is considered it’s more of about the interest of the individual. Our data says most people take the subject from the General Studies only as the Optional subject as the reason being people get prepared for both the sections in one go. Well if you are interested in any subject that drags you all day and night from inside out should be your optional subject because Marks of the optional subject contributed a big portion in Totality.

Most of the optional subject for UPSC taken by the people are

  1.  History
  2.  Geography
  3.  Indian polity
  4. Economics
  5. Anthropology

Why to do the  research of what to study and what not to study in optional subject, if its already been done by the experts of UPSC

Looking for the best-handwritten notes by Chanakya coaching here. Chanakya coaching notes are notes which have been taken mostly by the people for the HISTORY an OPTIONAL SUBJECT. If you are from the Hindi medium you can buy notes of HEMANT JHA, the renowned faculty in the INDIA. This faculty is the reason for many UPSC Toppers, he has compiled his notes with the great efforts of day and night which is available Here,

History Optional Hemant Jha Handwritten Class Notes Hindi.

Notes are very important Aspect as its take time to look for the facts and figures, analyze things from the examination point of perspective. what is important what is not important. Anyway, the very common fact is a population of India is keep growing Right and henceforth the competition so it this fast-moving competition efficient efforts of learning is very important. If we don’t do that we will be removed from the mob of the aspirant preparing for UPSC exams.

Other optional subject which is taken by most of the UPSC aspirants is GEOGRAPHY. You need not to search for the best UPSC notes for the Geography because we have already done even  this for you Click here ->

Shabbir Sir Vajiram and Ravi Geography Optional Class Notes

Third and most familiar subject of the optional which is taken by the UPSC aspirants is Anthropology

Get the handwritten Notes at your doorstep

Anthropology Notes by Munirathnam Reddy -IAS & PCS

All the best!!!


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