Who are the best faculty for NEET Coaching?

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Best Physics Faculty For NEET Coaching In India

If You want to Know about the Best Physics NEET Faculty For NEET Coaching In India, then you must wade through the below-given article having the current information of all the top-notch teachers/faculties for NEET Physics coaching across India.

NEET demands lots of hard work, patience, dedication with constant momentum to crack NEET. One of the most important factors affecting your probability to crack NEET is the right guidance. There are only some students who have the capability to crack NEET without any guidance but getting proper guidance can ensure your success as well as can elevate your all India rank.  After 12th most of the students want to pursue medicine as their career. As a result, they start searching for different coaching institutes and get messed up but during this whole process, the individual forgets the main factor affecting. And that factor is Faculty.

Know Physics For NEET As A Subject

Physics plays a very crucial role in the preparation of the NEET exam, as It creates a question in everybody’s mind that how will I clear NEET with Physics, since its inception and status of the majority of the point of views came that, Physics is a really very difficult subject to perform and clear in fact more than Maths too for NEET Entrance Exam in India. NEET physics should be understood post you culminate with a thought that Physics and Mathematics are almost the same. You should have clearer concepts to understand and solve Physics in your mind.

What are the Concepts Of Physics in NEET?

  • NEET, Physics syllabus from class 11th and 12th consists of 6 prime units: 1. Modern Physics, 2. Mechanics, 3. Thermodynamics, 4. Electrodynamics, 5. SHM-Waves and 6. Optics.
  • A total of 45 Questions are asked in the NEET Exam out of 180 Questions, which when compared to Biology and Chemistry students always come up with a fear of dealing with Physics subject, as the type of Questions is asked always have uniqueness among other subjects. As it contains computations of numerical, theoretical, and application types of questions, and much more.
  • NEET Physics demands the round-o-clock regular practice and comprehension of subjects and appropriate formulae. If you want to crack NEET, you must understand and clear all your concepts for Physics deeply, including formulae as specified in the syllabus.

Faculties and their knowledge act as the soul of a coaching institute. It is considered as a more systematic approach if you search for the best faculty rather than looking for the best institute. Institute is built by the apprehension and experience of faculties and their efforts help in the growth of students. Faculty also create a stress-free environment for knowledge gaining. As well as they play an important role in students’ performance. So after a vast exploration of a long time and analyzing different facilities, aspects, and pros and cons of different teaching schemes, we have brought the result of our analysis.

Be ready to know a lot more about the Importance Of Faculties For Physics NEET Exam Preparation in India. You, ll get all the answers to your questions which will eventually lead you to the best conclusion for choosing among the Best Faculty for NEET Physics Coaching in India, Our Nation.

First, we will discuss the best faculty for Biology. As we all know Biology has a major portion in the NEET examination 

The biology section consists of 90 multiple choice questions that are M.C.Qs, which value 360 marks in total. And the foundation for the NEET examination is good biology. Biology helps in building the confidence of the neet aspirant.  In NEET 310 – 360 marks are considered as good and ideal scores for cracking NEET. And for that, you must get the best guidance from the best faculty. So here we have brought top three faculties from the different institute-


1)Dilip Arora

Subject- Biology

Institute- Allen

Good at teaching chapters-

Morphology and Anatomy of flowering plants,

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants.

Provides tricks and shortcuts to remember examples easily.

Helps in clearing doubts as well as provides more details regarding the content.

Provides notes during classes.


2)Rajeev Ranjan

Subject- Biology, Botany

Institute- Aakash institute

Have very vast knowledge over botany, and also provides short keys and code forms to recall contents.

Helps in clearing doubts as well as provides more details regarding the content.

Provides notes during classes


3)Pushparghy Roy

Subject- Biology, Zoology.

Institute- Aakash institute

Have a very effective method of teaching. Also, provide students with great content.

Helps in clearing doubts as well as provides more details regarding the content.

Provides notes during classes


Best faculties of Chemistry for NEET coaching are-

Second, We will discuss the best faculty for chemistry. The Chemistry section consists of 45 Multiple choice questions, which value 180 marks. Chemistry is considered as backbone of NEET examination, 

And for that you must get the best guidance from the best faculty. So here we have brought top three faculties from different institute-

1) Surendra Saharan

Subject- Chemistry.

Institute- Allen institute.

Chapters- Inorganic chemistry.

Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface chemistry, General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, The p-block Elements, The d-and f-block Elements, Coordination Compounds


2)Samay Dutta

Subject- Chemistry.

Institute- Aakash institute.

Chapters- major in Organic chemistry.

Halo alkanes and Halo arenes, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids, Amines, Biomolecules, Polymer, Chemistry in Everyday Life


3)Neeraj Kumar

Subject- chemistry.

Institute- Allen institute.

Chapters- Physical chemistry.

Thermochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Quantum chemistry, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry, Surface chemistry, Solid-state chemistry, Spectroscopy, Biophysical chemistry, Materials science, Physical organic chemistry, Micromeritics.


Best faculties of Physics for NEET coaching are-

Third, now we will discuss the best faculty for Physics. In NEET, physics is considered as rank deciding subject. Physics is also, most conceptual subject. If you have a firm grasp on the concepts of physics, you can easily seek good rank. In physics 110+ are considered as an ideal score. Physics section consists of 45 Multiple choice questions. To ensure a successful all india rank you must get the best guidance from the best faculty. So here we have brought top three faculties from different institute-

1)M.K Saxena

Subject- Physics

Institute- Aakash institute

Chapters- Ray optics, Wave optics, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating current, Modern Physics.

He is able to polish students’ accuracy and speed from the past decade.


2)Rajnish Srivastava

Subject- Physics.

Institute- Allen institute.

Chapters- mechanical physics.

He has a vast knowledge in physics.


3) Sachin Singh

Subject- Physics

Institute- Allen institute

Chapters- Optics, Mechanical physics.


Some more details about neet are given below-

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It is an entrance exam for those who want to pursue medicine as their career in the future. NEET was formerly AIPMT which was started in 2013.

NEET is conducted under the supervision of a government regulatory body, and that is NTA (National Testing Agency). This entrance exam is conducted once each year and there is also a probability of conducting this test twice a year. For this NEET session (that is neet 2020) registration has started from 2 Dec 2019.

Candidates with P C B as well as P C M B  as a stream that is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Mathematics as their main subjects can apply for NEET.

Students who are currently in 12th standard, as well as those who have completed their Higher secondary education, are eligible to appear and apply for NEET. 

There should be an aggregate of 50% in total as a result of higher secondary exams. And the candidate must have passed the class in one successful attempt. Plus there is also an age limit and that is, candidates should have completed 17 years and should be less than 25 years (for  G E  N and 30 years (for SC/ S T/ O B C, etc.)

At last, wishing you all the best for your hard work. Also, remember to eat healthily, sleep well, get proper rest, and most importantly, work hard. At last, wish you all the best for your hard work.

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