Boons and Banes of Social Networking Sites

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From beginning of social sites, they have become a part of human life. It is amazing to believe that Facebook has around 1 billion users in the world. Twitter and Flickr are also in this league. Humans have become habitual of using social networking sites and now the only thing that remains to think is, what are the boons and banes of social networking sites.

Facebook and Google+, most used social networking sites

Facebook and Google+, most used social networking sites

On being asked for my opinion, I would say that there are both boons and banes of social networking sites,depending upon how we uses it. Here we are throwing some light over how can these social networking sites can be advantageous or disadvantageous to you-


Boons of Social Networking Sites-

  • Regularity on social networking sites makes our profile kind of auto-biography. We can share our emotions through status, post our pictures, can makes others see our birthday videos and let them know how we celebrated.
  • Social networking sites help us to increase our connections with other people. You can know what your high school friend is doing, can see him even through video chats. Be it your teachers, school mates, college friends, far-off relatives or anyone, through these sites you can have all of them on your profile. Had such sites not been developed, our friend circle would have now been much shorter.
  • Social Networking sites help us to say “Hello” to the world. It gives us a platform to represent our identity. Companies put their product advertisements and individuals put their site’s links, colleges and schools form group and let the world know who they are.

Banes of Social Networking Sites

  • Keeping a check on our privacy is a big issue when it comes to social networking.
  • According to recent surveys, social media sites are really a reason for depression of youth. No response of cutie-pie makes one frustrated. People often remain anxious what can be the reply from other side and spend hours and hours on Facebook in anxiety.
  • Social networking sites do cause a negative effect on the concentration of employees in an office and hence decline the productivity of the organization.
  • Not only mental health but social networking sites also deprive physical health of a person. There was a time when playing Cricket in evening was as important to me as attending daily school. Today two hours of Cricket or Football have been converted into two hours of Facebook and Google+.
  • It cannot be said that social networking sites are unhackable. Once a hacker gets control of your profile, he can do whatever he wishes for.

In the bottom-line, I would say that social networking sites are simply like a “tool”. What can be the use of that tool depends on the person. There are both boons and banes of social networking sites, but this is up to us on how we use them.

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