Buying behaviour in business market

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Buying behaviour in business market

For any successful firm it is very necessary to understand the buying behavior of the customers and not only in the consumer market but also in the business market the marketer should be able to analyse the buying behavior of the customers. Few important questions that should be analysed to understand the buying behavior of the customers are :-

  • On what objectives to the business buyers make their purchase decisions?
  • How is the buying process organized in the firm?
  • What are the buying situations in which the consumer purchase the product or a service?
  • Who are the main influencers or decision makers in the buying process?

Objectives of purchase for the business buyers

Purchase objectives     Buying behaviour in business market

  • At time delivery of the product
  • Top most quality of the product
  • Minimum price
  • Good relationship with the supplier

Personal  objectives

  • Status oriented product
  • Maximum job satisfaction
  •  Increments in the salary
  • Promotions in designations

Stages in the buying process for organizational buying

  1. Identifying the need of the organization
  2. Deciding on the quantity  of the product required
  3. Deciding on the product specifications required
  4. Searching for the superior suppliers
  5. Getting the proposals from the supplier
  6. Selecting the most appropriate supplier
  7. Selecting the routine of the order
  8. Evaluating and getting the performance feedback

Buying Situations in Business market

1. New Task

  • In this every time a new supplier is selected and requires more collection of information and more time.

2. Straight Rebuy

  • The same supplier is selected in every purchase without any alterations in quantity or with the price.

3. Modified Rebuy

  • Due to the poor performance of the old supplier a new supplier is selected with slight changes in every order quantity.

Members in business buying process

(1) Top management persons

(2) Technical persons. Key influentials for new task and modified rebuy situations and technical product.

Roles in organisational Buying

  • Users
  • Buyers
  • Influentials
  • Deciders
  • Gatekeepers

Contemporary Purchasing Activities

  • Just-in-time (JIT) Delivery
  • Outsourcing
  • Worldsourcing
  • Single sourcing
  • Value analysis / Value engineering
  • Supplier evaluation system
  • Buying committee


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