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Bachelor of Science or B.Sc is one of the most popular courses that a Class XII science student can take. There are traditional courses one can take like B.Sc in Chemistry or Physics or proffesional courses like B.Sc in Animation or Aviation. A common question among B.Sc aspirants is regarding their career after B.Sc

Let us see what Career after B.Sc can you have once you complete your course.

  1. Research: One of the most popular choices is to take up research after doing B.Sc. There are a lot of research institutes that employ B.Sc graduates to be research analysts. You can also pursue an M.Sc. to better secure your future.
  2. Technical Writer/editor: A lot of companies employ technical writers for their website. This may include writing B2B (business to business) proposals, B2C(business to customer), whitepapers, etc. This requires heavy research. It also needs a sound knowledge of the concepts. A good grasp on the language is a bonus.
  3. Creative: The doors to the creative industry are open to a B.Sc graduate in Animation or Multimedia. You can be an animator or go into cinematography, graphic design or an illustrator.
  4. Teacher: You can always choose to go into the teaching field after doing B.Sc. Check out this link here to get an idea of how to have a career in teaching.
  5. Clinical Research Manager: A B.Sc. in biology, health, life sciences or bioengineering can land you a job in Clinical Research. This involves overseeing clinical trials in medicine and keeping track of all the trials.
  6. Scientist: You can become a technical assistant after completing B.Sc. in Physics. An M.Sc. is required to get promoted to Scientist.
  7. Sales and Marketing: This field offers great pay and is a great option for someone who is looking to join the sales and marketing arena. Cold-calling, door-to-door sales or doing social media analytics and campaigns is a part of it.
  8. Software: It is a myth that you need to be an engineer in order to step into the software domain. You can simply do a B.Sc in computer science and become a coder.
  9. Food & Nutrition: You can be a nutritionist or a dietitian if you opt for B.Sc in Nutrition or Dietetics. Food scientist is also a viable career option.
  10. Crime Branch: Forensic science forms an important of the crime branch. Consider doing a B.Sc in Forensic science to get a chance to work in crime labs.
  11. Nautical: Jobs like Deck officer, Scuba diver, Nautical Surveyors and Oceanographers open up if you have a B.Sc in Nautical science
  12. Healthcare: Being a psychologist is possible if you have done a B.Sc in Psychology. Mental health is an overlooked concept in our country. If you like solving people’s problems, then this is the right path for you.

So, these are some of the trending careers. There are of course many more viable careers like agriculture, forestry, administrative services that you can look into after completing B.Sc

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