Career opportunities for students in the IT-tech sector

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A lot of talks have taken place based on the recent mass firings in the IT sector which has led youngsters to believe that there are no more job opportunities in this field. But as per market experts the IT sector in the country is beginning to look up since the year 2014. This much ado has left numerous fresh graduates and IT-tech sector aspirants highly confused in exactly what they should do.

What are the current prospects of the IT- tech sector?

The Indian IT sector has been a huge influence in putting India on a global map. Currently as per reports the Indian IT sector is envisioned to grow to a US$ 225 billion industry by 2020. The IT-BPO sector served to be the main growth engine for the country over the past few years. But the Indian IT industry was expected to have recruited over 2.25 Lakhs of employees in 2011 and have clocked revenues up to $71.7 billion by the end of that year.

This industry has helped to cross several significant milestones in terms of employment, growth of revenue stream, and value creation for the nation. This revenue stream is estimated to be 5.8 percent of the country’s GDP.

Almost every industry requires the use of IT technologies, be it finance, airlines, manufacturing, telecom, hospitality etc. for their day-to-day functioning. But what are the obstacles in employment for fresh graduates: According to a recent study by NASSCOM, it was reported that only 25 percent of the freshly graduated candidates are employable readily without any further training.

Due to these dire circumstances, the Indian IT industry and BPO sector is being forced to spend about $ 1 Billion per annum for training these individuals from various institutes. This is the current state as reported by an article in The Economic Times. It is thus, clear from the above mentioned data that the expectations of the corporations and what the fresh graduates of the field can offer have a huge gap, which requires students to seek further training for developing required skill-set. As suggested by the market experts this situation exists mainly for two reasons. Firstly lack of exposure to students in to the corporate industry. Secondly, lack of updated curriculum which forms the main reason.

Also as revealed by a professor of Computer Science from a reputed IT college, “Job options are inadequate now as lesser companies are recruiting on campus. Employers now prefer walk-in interviews as they can pay much less there. Foreign companies have not visited campuses for recruiting this year. And salary offers have halved compared to last year”.

Different types of job roles for students of IT-Tech Sector:

1. Applications developer

2. Database administrator

3. Technical author

4. Web designer

5. Games developer

6. Geographical information systems officer

7. Information security specialist

8. Network engineer

9. Software tester

10.Systems analyst

11.Systems developer

12. IT consultant

13. IT sales professional

14. IT technical support officer

15. Multimedia programmer

16. Multimedia specialist

The role of newly emerged technologies

Due to the emergence of newly available technologies, like cloud computing, data analytics, social media marketing and mobile applications. Just go for these courses and enhance your CV with newly emerging skills. The IT industry is poised to grow again to its prime glory with the huge rise of opportunities for freshers in this field. NASSCOM Strategic Review 2012 had stated that the IT – Tech sector will have a growing need for more 110 Lakh skilled professionals in this field within 2012-15. Although as discussed earlier the current major problem being faced by the IT industry is not a lack of opportunities but a lack of skilled personnel who can meet the demands of the current industry standards. So it becomes imperative for most students to seek further help by enrolling themselves in various professional training institutes to give the added leverage. You may also look for higher education portals for engineers and they will guide you about the emerging technologies you should opt for.

What do the training institutes actually do

As per market experts it has been noted that most reputed training institutes play a significant role for molding the fresh graduates to meet the current industry standards. The well established ones are well equipped to offer the students with that much needed competitive edge and remain committed at providing their students with intensive training to make them job ready.

The main types of technical courses being offered by the training institutes are:




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But it is also advised to students to pay attention to developing soft-skills which is highly important to help individuals crack difficult interviews.

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