Career Prospects in Journalism

Career Prospects in Journalism

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Career Prospects in Journalism

What comes to one’s mind when it’s time to leave the school for pursuing a specialized course.  The constant dilemma, confusion and careful analysis of picking a course that’ll define your career prospects in future.

Journalism is by far the most sought out and crazed profession a student thinks of if he’s not sure in himself.  “Why, you ask?” Well, it comes with all the nuances of freedom a confined mind can think of. The freedom to be anyone.

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Journalism possessed in itself the amalgamation of varied subjects. No one will question you if you’re reading a newspaper, novel, wandering, clicking photographs, or for the matter using social media. Yes, that’s true. You can always reason with people saying you are doing journalism.

What is Journalism?

It is the process of going out in the field, applying the “devil is in the detail” phrase, having a nose for news, and reporting back the detail in its truest form.

Best Journalism Colleges of India

However, if you’re serious about it, you need to know what it means to be in the field of journalism and worry not. It offers a plethora of options catering to the interest and knowledge of almost every person.

One can also opt for other career prospects but only if they know where to look for. Sky is the limit but not for journalism.

  1. Print: Print is the oldest and most credible source of news, even today. If you’ve a good writing skills, vocabulary and strong word power, you can very well use your talent in this department.

Roles may vary from trainee, reporter, editor to the highest post of head. But, all in time! If not newspaper, you can very well work with renowned magazines, journals etc.

  1. Broadcast: The dream of every student enrolling themselves in this profession; to speak before camera, delivering the news as their ideal does. It encompasses a whole lot of other responsibility and learning opportunities from the pre to post production part.
  2. Online: The instant and fastest growing media. It provides a real time information. However, its reliability and credibility is much less from the above two media and poses a threat to the ethics of free and fair information.

Hey, sweat not! our all favorite- photography is also a part of this.

Can you think of any other? Give your thoughts a wing to fly. Career Prospects in Journalism is high provided you can fly. If you do not have stamina then do not try. Else SKY is limit.



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