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CAT Mock Test Paper : –

CAT Mock Test Paper with solved question answers are given below –


Q1. How many non negative roots does the equation has 3^y-(2y+1)=0.

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3

Q2. p,q and r are  3 sets defined as follows

p={2,6,10,14……..1498},  q={2,5,8,11………1499},  r={2,7,12,17………1497}

find n(p u n u r)

  1. 875
  2. 896
  3. 898
  4. 900

Q3. find the reflection of the point (7,11) in the x-y plane about the x+y=0

  1. (-7,-11)
  2. (7,-11)
  3. (-11,-7)
  4. None of these

Q4.Which of the following cannot be the sum of  squares of 12 consecutive odd natural no.s

  1. 2300
  2. 2924
  3. 3644
  4. 4356

Q5.A coin is biased such that heads occurs 4 times as frequently as tails.another coins is biased such that heads occurs 65% of the time.when 2 coins are tossed simultaneously, what is the probability of 1 tail turning up?

  1. 35%
  2. 87%
  3. 73%
  4. 48%

Q6. How many factors of 3430?

  1. 31
  2. 32
  3. 30
  4. 12

Q7.What is the unit digit of 2^64?

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 8
  4. 0

Q8. A battleship travelling at 30 knots sights a destroyer 15 sea miles away approaching it at 36 knots. How long will it take for the destroyer to be with in 4 sea miles of the battleship

  1. 8 min
  2. 9 min 15 sec
  3. 9 min
  4. 10 min

Q9. Find speed of river, if a man takes 5 hours each to cover 13 km     upstream and 28 km downstream.

  1. 1km/hr
  2. 5000m/hr
  3. 1500m/hr
  4. 2km/hr

Q10. A train 150 meter long travels at 60 km/hr. In what time will it pass a man walking at 6 km/hr in the same direction as train?

  1. 23 sec
  2. 10 sec
  3. 15 sec
  4. 20 sec

Q11. A train overtakes 2 persons walking in the same direction at 2 km/hr and 4 km/hr in 9 seconds and 10 seconds respectively. find the length of the train and speed on the train

  1. 50m,22km/hr
  2. 85m,18km/hr
  3. 90km,25km/hr
  4. 70m,24km/hr

Q12. A train traveling at 42 km/hr passes a runner in 9 seconds in same direction and took 5 seconds in the opposite direction. find the length of the train

  1. 75m
  2. 100m
  3. 84m
  4. 60

Q13. Find the probability of birthday of a child is on a Saturday or Sunday.

  1. 1/7
  2. 2/7
  3. 0.0001/total population
  4. Can’t determine

Q14. A committee of 5 students is to be chosen from 6 boys and 4 girls. Find     the probability that the committee contains exactly 2 girls.

  1. 1/7
  2. 23/24
  3. 11/24
  4. 10/21

Q15. A bag contains 7 red, 5 blue, 4 white and 4 black balls. Find the probability that a ball drawn at random is red or white

  1. 11/20
  2. 19/20
  3. 1/7
  4. 12/20

Q16. Find the probability of getting a multiple of 2 in the throw of a die.

  1. 1/3
  2. 1/2
  3. 1/4
  4. 1

Q17. Peter got 30% of the maximum marks in an examination and failed by 10 marks. However, Paul who took the same examination got 40% of the total marks and got 15 marks more than the passing marks. What was the passing marks in the examination?

  1. 75
  2. 250
  3. 35
  4. 85

Q18. When processing flower-nectar into honeybees’ extract, a considerable amount of water gets reduced. How much flower-nectar must be processed to yield 1kg of honey, if nectar contains 50% water, and the honey obtained from this nectar contains 15% water?

  1. 3.33kg
  2. 1.5kg
  3. 2.5kg
  4. None of these

Q19. If the cost price of 20 articles is equal to the selling price of 16 articles, What is the percentage of profit or loss that the merchant makes?

  1. 20% profit
  2. 25% profit
  3. 33.33% loss
  4. 20% loss

Q20. If 10 men can do a work in 4 days, in how many days can 8 men do it?

  1. 7 days
  2. 6 days
  3. 8 days
  4. 5 days

Q21. A is thrice as good a workmen as B and so takes 60 days less than B for doing a job. Find the time in which they can do it together..

  1. 22.5 days
  2. 20 days
  3. 23.75 days
  4. 21.5 days

Q22. If the cost of each book is reduced by Rs.10, a person can buy 30 more books for Rs.1800. Find the original price of the book

  1. Rs 40
  2. Rs 30
  3. Rs 50
  4. Rs 60

Q23. A sum of money deposited at C.I. amounts to Rs.2420 in 2 years and to Rs.2662 in 3 years. Find the rate percent

  1. 10%
  2. 7%
  3. 8%
  4. 5%

Q24. Find the sum lend at C.I. at 5 p.c per annum will amount to Rs.441 in 2 years

  1. Rs.380
  2. Rs.400
  3. Rs.420
  4. Rs 375

Q25. How many positive numbers less than 10,000 can be made using the digits 1, 2, 3, 0, 4, 5,6, 7?

  1. 4087
  2. 4088
  3. 4096
  4. 4097

Q26. When the smallest three-digit number which when divided by 7, 8 and 11 leaves respective remainders of 4, 3 and 7, is divided by 9, the remainder is

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. None of these
  4. 8

Q27. A rectangle is such that it can be perfectly cut into smaller squares of a maximum possible side of length 12 units. It is also known that the perimeter of such a rectangle is 384 units.How many distinct rectangles are there which satisfy the criteria given

  1. 4
  2. 8
  3. 7
  4. None of these

Q28. What is the ratio of imports of sheet and coil in Apr to the ratio of imports of scrap in Feb?

  1. 35:17
  2. 7:5
  3. 3:7
  4. 70:71

Q29.What was the percentage of scrap steel imported in 6 mnth period

  1. 37.1
  2. 35.3
  3. 36.1
  4. 31.2

Q30.What was the approximate of sheet steel and coil steel imports in the first 3 months of the year?

  1. 11:9
  2. 8:9
  3. 7:11
  4. 3:8



Q1.In the question there are sentences that forms a paragraph . Identify the set of sentences that are correct in terms of grammar and usage. Then choose the most appropriate option..

  1. The owner did not wait for a second invitation.
  2. He seized a rope  which Rena flanged to him and
  3. Climbed up the side of the ship.
  4. The Young man on the left, meanwhile started walking towards the owner of the shop
  1. A only
  2. B and C
  3. A and C
  4. B only.

Q2. The maths problem which the professor had put up on the board was extremely puzzling, it left the whole class completely _________.

  1. esteemed
  2. enlightened
  3. bureaucratic
  4. nonplussed
  5. castigated

Q3. In order to control deviant behavior, sociologists suggest _____ the society that _ ___it.

1. producing, defines
2. condoning, begets
3. expanding, qualifies
4. magnifying, engulfs
5. stabilizing, engenders

Q4. Please Arrange

A. Because the Internet is a global network of computers each computer connected to the Internet must have a unique (internet) address.

B. However, if you connect to the Internet from a local area network (LAN) your computer might have a permanent IP address or it might obtain a temporary one from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server.

C. Internet addresses are in the form nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn where nnn must be a number from 0-255, and this address is known as an IP address.

D. If you connect to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you are usually assigned a temporary IP address for the duration of your dial-in session.

(1) ABDC
(2) CBAD
(3) ACDB
(4) CABD
(5) ABCD

Q5. Here, in this best-selling, step-by-step guide to the safe practice of a wide variety of clinical procedures, Sherman_______ the phenomenal success of previous editions, updating technical aspects of the subject that have moved on since the last edition.

(1) builds in
(2) runs upon
(3) lays in on
(4) builds upon
(5) runs over

Q6. Bruce, who underwent a BMT (bone marrow transplant) on February 23, spent a month in the hospital__________ after the operation. He is now safe due to his brother’s bone marrow donation.

(1) reverting
(2) recuperating
(3) mending
(4) transposing
(5) compensating

Q7. The present ages of Ram and Rahim are in the ratio 4 : 5. After 5 years the ratio of ages of Rahim and Ram will be 6 : 5. How old will be Rahim after 10 years ?

(1) 30 years
(2) 20 years
(3) 25 years
(4) 35 years
(5) 40 years

Q8. Out of the 200 people in a town 40% can speak English and 80% can speak Hindi. Each person can speak atleast one of the two languages – Hindi and English. Out of the people who can ‘speak both languages’ and ‘only one language’ the ratio of male to female is 3 : 7 and 7 : 3 respectively. How many males are there in the town?

(1) 66
(2) 88
(3) 122
(4) 124
(5) 100

Directions:Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Six players Anil, Bimal, Chand, Dharma, Elle and Farosh were playing a game. Anil’s father, mother and uncle were in the group. There were two women. Bimal, the mother of Anil, got more points than her husband. Niece of Elle got lowest points. Father of Anil got more points than Farosh but could not win the game. Dharma got more points thanlle but less than Farosh.

Q9.Who won the game?

(1) Anil
(2) Bimal
(3) Dharma
(4) Farosh
(5) Chand

Q10. Who got the lowest points?

(1) Anil
(2) Chand
(3) Bimal
(4) Elle
(5) Dharma

Q11. Who is the husband of Bimal?

(1) Chand
(2) Dharma
(3) Elle
(4) Farosh
(5) Anil

Q12. Each of the three logicians A, B and C is wearing a hat. They knew that the hats are elther black or white and that not all the hats are white. A can see the hats of B and C; Bcan see the hats of A and C, C is blind. Each is asked in turn if he knows the colour of his own hat.. The answers are A:No, B:No, C: Yes in this order only.

What is the colour of C’s hat?

a. White
b. Black
c. Black, if A is wearing a white hat.
d. White, if A is wearing a black hat.

Q13. The word given below has been used in different ways. Select the best option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.


  1. Oscar has run through the fortune he inherited after the death of his uncle.
  2. I had the run of the entire farm when I lived with my grandparents.
  3. Vinay likes to run down his rivals.
  4. The government is trying its beat to curb run away inflation.

14. The word given below has been used in different ways. Select the best option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.


a. The critics claimed that the singer was out of key during the performance.
b. He composed a beautiful symphony in a key of C major.
c. Despite the media’s expectations the celebrity wedding was a low-key-event.
d. Politicians need to key their strategies to the prevailing mood of the public.

15. Five sentences are given below, labeled A,B, C, D and E. They need to be arranged in a logical order to form a coherent paragraph/passage .From the given options, choose the most appropriate option.

  1. From the moment he arrived there its citizens resented him and his Martians and his youth and his talent.
  2. Hollywood claimed Welles would never make the grade.
  3. At announcements that his first two productions had been called off, the town nodded knowingly.
  4. He was just a big bag of publicity.
  5. When he grew a beard for his first film ,a sporty press agent sent him   a bearded him for Christmas; columnists dubbed him with nicknames like “ Little Orsan Annie “.
  1. BDAEC
  2. CBEAD
  3. EABDC
  4. BAEDC

Read the passage given below and answer questions that follow based on the information given in the passage

First AOL and Time Warner announced their intention to combine. Then came Time Warner/EMI and Tribune/ Times Mirror. Even more significant, however, has been the speculation that these mergers have caused: If these transactions are consummated, a large number of additional media mergers are expected. There is even the possibility of a nightmare scenario-a wave of media mergers so large that within a decade most of our information will be supplied by perhaps six of these huge conglomerates and a fringe of much smaller firms.

It’s time to ask two critical questions. Is this kind of media oligopoly what we, as a society, want? And if not, can the antitrust laws effectively prevent the threatened merger wave? The answer to the first question is clear. We do not want a media oligopoly. The answer to the second question, however, is far less certain. We should distrust a media oligopoly because it would give undue control to a small number of individuals. This need not manifest itself in a price rise for the daily newspaper or AOL’s monthly fee. Rather, it could consist of a change in editorial viewpoints, a shift in the relative prominence of links to certain websites or a decision not to cover certain topics, because they are not “newsworthy”. These problems could exist without any improper intent on the part of the media barons. Even if they try to be fair and objective, they will necessarily bring their own worldview to the job. And in time some of these conglomerates may be controlled by people who are not fair or objective.

At first it might appear that the antitrust laws can be of little help in grappling with the issues presented by large media mergers. The anti-merger laws are commonly understood as protecting price competition, and a relatively small number of firms-to greatly oversimplify, let’s say at most half a dozen-are normally thought to be enough to keep a market price-competitive. In industry after industry firms merge until there is only a handful left, and the antitrust enforcers are normally unable to do anything to prevent this. (In former years mergers were governed by an “incipiency” standard that prevented mergers and merger waves well before they would have led to very large or likely anti-competitive problems.) Even if a handful of firms are enough to insure effective competition in most industries, would six conglomerate media firms be sufficient for the diversity of viewpoints necessary to democracy? Would we be reassured if they could somehow guarantee that they would sell their magazines and Internet advertisements at competitive prices?

I am hopeful that the antitrust laws, if correctly and vigorously interpreted, are adaptable enough to meet this challenge. This is because antitrust is not exclusively about price. It is essentially about choice-about giving consumers a competitive range of options in the marketplace so that they can make their own, effective selection from the market’s offerings. Consumers should be able to make their choices along any dimension important to them-including price, variety and editorial viewpoint.

Communications media compete in part by offering independent editorial viewpoints and an independent gatekeeper function. Six media firms cannot effectively respond to the demand for choice or diversity competition by extending their product lines, because new media products will inevitably bear, to some degree, the perspective of their corporate parent. For these reasons competition in terms of editorial viewpoint or gate-keeping can be guaranteed only by insuring that a media market contains a significantly larger number of firms than is required for price competition in other, more conventional markets.

It is unclear, however, whether this interpretation of the anti-trust laws will be applied by the enforcement agencies and the courts. What is needed, therefore, is a much more careful look at the challenges that will be raised by future media mergers.

This could best be accomplished if Congress created a Temporary Committee to Study Media Mergers and Media Convergence. This committee could include members of Congress; the heads of the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department’s antitrust division; CEOs of media companies; and representatives of consumer groups. The committee would identify problems that may be caused by large media mergers and by media convergence. If the committee concludes that existing antitrust laws are inadequate, it should recommend to Congress that new anti-merger legislation be enacted. This may be the only way to prevent the nightmare scenario of a media oligopoly.

Q16. A wave of media mergers could

  1. be a threat to democracy
  2. result in limiting editorial viewpoints
  3. result in misuse of certain laws
  4. both (1) and (2)
  5. none of the above

Q17. According to the passage, what could be the most significant outcome of media oligopoly?

  1. An increase in the cost of newspapers
  2. The fact that in the long run, there will be a shift of power to people who might not be balanced and fair in the way they deal with the media
  3. Certain websites may get more prominence than others
  4. There will be no competition among the newspapers
  5. There will soon exist only six media conglomerates

Q18. Which of the following statements, according to the author, are true

  1. Half a dozen firms are enough to keep the market price – competitive
  2. Half a dozen companies are not enough to provide a democratic media
  3. Enforcement agencies may not interpret the ant-trust laws correctly
  4. Half a dozen companies will be inadequate to meet the consumer demand for product diversity
  5. a, b
  6. a, b, c
  7. a, b, c, d
  8. b, c, d
  9. a, c, d

Q19. The current anti- trust laws

  1. are not sufficient to deal with issues relating to large scale media mergers
  2. can prevent mergers from happening
  3. will be effective if properly interpreted
  4. favour a particular company or group of companies
  5. none of the above

Q20. To get a clear picture of the challenges posed by media mergers, the author recommends:

  1. creation of strict laws
  2. strengthening the enforcement agencies
  3. creation of a study committee by the congress
  4. none of the above
  5. all of the above

Q21. Rearrange the following five sentences in proper sequence so as to for a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them.

  1. After Examining him, the doctor smiled at him mischievously and took out a syringe.
  2. Thinking that he was really sick, his father summoned the family doctor.
  3. That day, Mintu wanted to take a day off from school
  4. Immediately, Mintu jumped up from his bed and swore the he was fine
  5. Therefor; he pretended to be sick and remained in bed.
  6. CEBAD
  7. CABED
  8. CBEAD
  9. CAEBD


22. Read the following five sentences and rearrange them to make a coherent and logical paragraph. After deciding the sequence, answer the questions given below.

  1. In his literacy work he spoke of that province of human life which mere intellect does not speak.
  2. He has also given innocent joy to many children by his stories like ‘Kabuliwalah’
  3. These songs are sung not only in bengal but all over the country.
  4. Rabindranath’s great works sprang from intensity of vision and feelings.
  5. He sang of beauty and heroism, nobility and charm.
  6. DABEC
  7. DBAEC
  8. DABCE
  9. DACEB


23. If A is the brother of B; B is the sister of C; and C is the father of D, how D is related to A?

A. Brother

B. Sister

C. Nephew

D. Cannot be determined


24. Introducing a boy, a girl said, “He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle.” How is the boy related to the girl?

A. Brother

B. Uncle

C. Nephew

D. Son-in-law


25. In a class there are seven students (including boys and girls) A, B, C, D, E, F and G. They sit on three benches I, II and III. Such that at least two students on each bench and at least one girl on each bench. C who is a girl student, does not sit with A, E and D. F the boy student sits with only B. A sits on the bench I with his best friends. G sits on the bench III. E is the brother of C.

25. How many girls are there out of these 7 students ?


B. 3 or 4

C. 4

D. Data Inadequate


26. Which of the following is the group of girls ?






27. Who sits with C  ?


B. D

C. G

D. E


28. On which bench there are three students ?

A. Bench 1

B. Bench 2

C. Bench 3

D. Bench 1 or 2


The following questions are based on the information given below:

  1. There is a cuboid whose dimensions are 4 x 3 x 3 cm.
  2. The opposite faces of dimensions 4 x 3 are coloured yellow.
  3. The opposite faces of other dimensions 4 x 3 are coloured red.
  4. The opposite faces of dimensions 3 x 3 are coloured green.
  5. Now the cuboid is cut into small cubes of side 1 cm.


29. How many small cubes will have only two faces coloured ?

A. 12

B. 24

C. 16

D. 18


30. How many small cubes will have only one face coloured  ?


B. 12



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