CBSE Curriculum For Class XI Engineering Graphics

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CBSE Curriculum For Class XI Engineering Graphics

CBSE Curriculum Class XI Engineering Graphics

CBSE Curriculum Class XI Engineering Graphics-This subject is advisable for students who want to opt for engineering or as architects or designers as profession. The course syllabus for engineering graphics for CBSE thus is apt and well prepared for students.The main motive for this syllabus is to make the students understand the fundamental principles and wide applications of engineering graphics . The students could develop in them  a very clear concept and perception. Through the course preparation the students will also be able to gain the skill of expressing 2 and 3 dimensional objects into a professional language. They are trained so that they could neatly draw sketches which is a job requirement. Thus obtaining speed and accuracy in drawing instruments.

Engineering Graphics SAMPLE PAPER


Unit 1: Construction of lines, angles and their divisions. Simple questions based on triangles, square,
rhombus, trapeziums, regular polygons-pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

Unit 2: Construction of circles, external and internal tangents of circles, inscribing, circumscribing
circles in equilateral triangle, square, rhombus, regular polygons-pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

Unit 3: Construction of Engineering curves: Ellipse by concentric circles, intersecting arcs and intersecting lines.
Parabola by intersecting lines and intersecting arcs, Involute of a circle, cycloid, helix and sine curve.

Engineering Graphics MARKING SCHEME 

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Unit 4: Methods of orthographic projections , Projection of points, lines.


Unit 5: Orthographic projections of Regular Plane figures – triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon,
circle and semi-circle. engineering graphics – Oureducation

Unit 6: Orthographic projections of right regular solids such as cubes, prisms and pyramid, (square,
triangular, pentagonal and hexagonal), cones, cylinders, spheres, hemi-spheres and frustum
of pyramids and cone when they are kept with their axis (a) perpendicular, to HP/VP (b)
parallel to one plane and inclined to the other (c) parallel to HP and VP both.


Unit 7: Section of solids under the same conditions mentioned above made by the horizontal, vertical
and inclined planes.

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Unit 6: Orthographic Projections of simple machine blocks.

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Unit 7: Construction of isometric scale showing main divisions of 10 mm and smaller divisions of 1 mm each. Isometric projection  of figures such as triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, circles and semi-circles with their surface parallel to HP or VP and its one side or diagonal or diameter should be either parallel or perpendicular to HP/VP.

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Unit 8: Development of the surfaces of following solids,  Cube, cuboid, prisms-triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal, Pyramids (triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal), Right circular cylinder and cone.

Books on CBSE website

Books for Class XI Engineering Graphics


  1. Engineering Graphics Class 11 by V.P. Kumar 
  2. Text book of Engineering Graphics (Engineering Drawing)  by P. H. Jain
  3. A Textbook of Engineering Drawing by Roop Lal, Ramakant Rana
  4. Engineering Graphics For Degree  by  John K. C

For online books 

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