Cbse Sample Paper for Class 9th Science

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cbse sample paper for class 9th science

Time- 3 1/2 hr MAX. MARKS-75

Read instructions carefully.
(a) All questions are compulsory .
(b) Answers should be to the point
(c) Q.1 to Q.15carry one mark for each question
(d) Q.15 to Q.20carry 2 marks for each question
(e) Q.21 to Q.25 carry 3 marks for each question
(f) Q.26 to Q.30 carry 4 marks for each question

Q1. State the law of energy conservation.

Q2. What is meant by the term biosphere?

Q3. Definition of work in science.

Q4. Define power and also write the S.I. unit of power.

Q5. What is soil ?

Q6. What is potential energy?

Q7. S.I. unit of frequency?

Q8. What is kinetic energy?

Q9. State the law of conservation of mass.

Q10. Definition of density.

Q11. which acid is present in lemon?

Q12. Which acid present in vitamin d?

Q13. What is evaporation?

Q14. Write down Newton’s law of motion.

Q15. Give an example to show that gasses diffuses in liquids.

Q16. Tabulate any two differences between mixtures and compounds.

Q17. Name the cell organ which is able to destroy a damaged cell.

Q18. What will hapeen to a plant cell if it is kept in

(a) Hypotonic solution
(b) hypertonic solution

Q19. Explain why-
(a) Danger sign is always in red colour
(b) What is the role of brain in reflex action.

Q20. State the universal law of gravitation. List two phenomena illustrating its importance.

Q.21 How can we separate two miscible liquids?

Q.22 Draw a diagram of plant cell.

Q.23 Distinguish in tabular form between liquid , solid and gases.

Q.24 How much momentum will an object of mass 10 kg transfer to the floor, if it falls from height 0.8m?

Q.25 write down the differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures?

Q.26 what is animal husbandry? Differentiate between milch and draught animal.

Q.27 what is velocity and acceleration? Write down its units.

Q.28 state difference between mixed cropping and intercropping with examples.

Q.29 explain the following-
(a) Tyndall effect
(b) Visibility

Q.30 What is dry ice ? what happens when the pressure under which it is stored decreased by 1atmosphere?

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