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Central Bureau Of Investigation:How much credible is CBI?

With the recent events that had taken place regarding the Railway Minister, Pawan Bansal’s involvement in the bribe; role of CBI has come under scrutiny. We all know they CBI is a central body & somehow finds links with the central government. However, it is always supposed to work unbiased & under no influence, while being into any probation against any cabinet minister.But the past record does not sing along.

Central Bureau of Investigation is controlled by Department of Personnel & Training, which comes under Union Government, usually headed by a union minister which reports directly to the prime Minister. Its very analogous to FBI & its current director is Ranjit Singh.

CBI has had a very maligned past in outright corruption & a former director BR LAL has exposed the manipulations & nepotism in the organisation 7 documented all this, in his book , “Who owns CBI?”. There have been many events of political interference, where country’s highest trusted Interpol Department gave away its reputation. Some of them can be recalled as Bofors Scandal, Hawala Scandal, Priyadarshini Mattoo Case, Nithari Killings, Dawood Ibrahim Case, Sister Abhaya Murder case, Sohrabuddin Case, Sant Singh Chatwal Case, 2G Spectrum, Bhopal Gas Tragedy & Indian Coal Allocation Scam ; to name a few.

In all the cases above, the main accused were either National Politician or very influential personalities, in some way or other. All above cases were high profile & created heavy ripples in national & in international media, yet no tangible result came out. All this provides a strong ground to question the level of corruption & incompetence that has seeped into the structure of CBI.

The much debated Jan Lokpal Bill also asked to free the CBI from the central government, to make it more reliable & get some transparency in it. However, as the Lokpal Bill lost its media attention, so did the matter lose its heat. But, there are ample of reasons cited above which support the issue.

Few days back the main headlines of every newspaper shrieked how the Supreme Court of India sneered CBI for its role in the Pawan Bansal case. Anyone could make it out that it has been sheer negligence & preposterous relaxation on the part of CBI, that the matter worsened to this stage.

It is the call of the hour to scrutinize the shrouded CBI & look forward to carry out its redemption. If not the entire Lokpal Bill then the point where it asked for making CBI a government- independent body, must be given a serious consideration.

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4 Responses to Central Bureau Of Investigation

  1. Subir paul says:

    Bohat hi achha lagta he jab hum desh ka liya kuch bhi karta he.or hamare bhi sapna he ke ham bhi ips exam de.bat this is not possible…parivarik samaysha

  2. Mitali Panda says:

    CBI, yes it is worth of it, it solves the maximum cases and flashes out the faces of the people involved in these scams and cases, but it do lack some where in some places, why the CWG scams are still being lingered , why the 2g scams are still in probe to get decisions….. why???? there are some places where CBI has worked very effectively but it also has lacked in some places…. and also in Nupur talwar case.

  3. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    CBI is a government agency which investigate the criminal activities. But at the recent times, we all heard about some controversial talk regarding that agency. Though it is directly controlled by the central govt. (prime Minister), so some influences are present inside the agency. It compares to the FBI at some instance. So, it should be their moral duty to do their job properly underestimating the influences.

  4. Rachita Mishra says:

    The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a governmental agency belonging to Government of India that jointly serves as a criminal investigation body. The CBI is a premier investigating police agency in India.beautifully explained about CBI.

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