Enhance your career through the Checkpoint Certification and Training

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What is Checkpoint?

It is actually a leading international provider of software and combined software and hardware products for the IT industry, especially for the security. This security includes network security, end – point security, data security, security management, virtualization security, mobile security, etc. Check Point is only the one who first pioneered the industry with the Firewall – 1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Based on the Software Blend Architecture, Check Point still continues to develop new innovations. More than tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes even including the Fortune and the Global 100 companies are its customers.

Challenge faced by Check Point

Checkpoint Certification and Training As we know strong security is more than a hardware or software solution. General staffs need critical skills and knowledge on the check point products in order to implement and maintain the strongest possible security along with flexibility and reliability to keep the business growing but securely. But in actual very little time is dedicated to master the essential skills. Thus the staffs are forced to sort this through documentation, internet surfing or through worse procedures like trial and error methods. These may have dangerous consequences.

Therefore a fast and very cost – effective way is required to bridge the gap between the purchase and implementation of the Check Point products and thus reduce potential risks, ensure reliability, availability of resources and maximize the benefits fully of the Checkpoint solutions.

Solution from the side of the Check Point

Having the knowledge of the worse condition as seen above, Check Point introduced some Checkpoint certifications and training courses in order to remove these lacuna. All the courses are written by the training experts and are developed with an emphasis on the practical experiences with the Check Point products especially. It also kept in view of aligning the essential skills to the real world job functions, and business needs for immediate benefits.

Benefits and importance of the Checkpoint certification and training

This Checkpoint certification validates the proficiency with the Check Point products and also demonstrates it. It also enables the trainees to be skilled in developing, implementing and enforcing security strategies to strengthen and grow the business. During the training it is ensured that the trainees become eligible to provide services which are highly secure and compiled and are more efficient and productive thus delivering at lower total cost of ownership from the Check Point solutions. The immediate and the tangible return on investment (ROI) is the other reason for which the Check Point certifications are the most valuable in the industry year after year. Also the course is designed from the real – world jobs and task – analysis.

What certifications are provided here?

1.       Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX
2.       Check Point Certified Security Expert NGX
3.       Accelerated Check Point Certified Security Expert NGX

To get registered for the Check Point certification and training visit: http://www.checkpoint.com/services/education
Or E mail @: education@checkpoint.com

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  1. Jiya says:

    >CCSA (Checkpoint Cisco Certified Security Administration) NGX,which is highly recommended for day-to-day operations of Checkpoint security solutions, also the network that contain some operations like creation and installation of Security policies, Login and application of NAT operating security.We provide our student Check point CCSA study guide to practice for Check point CCSA Exam. This check point is broadly classified in two categories namely CCSA NGX, CCSE.

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