Chitra Study Point NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

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Chitra Study Point NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews


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  • Infrastructure Good
  • Fee structure Good
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Owing to the tremendous number of applicants each year and a really limited amount of seats, NEET is considered to be one of the toughest entrance examinations to crack, in India. A lot of coachings claim to provide expert and highly efficient guidance to ensure that a student successfully cracks the prestigious examination. In this article we would be looking at and reviewing Chitra Study Point Jaipur. The coaching offers guidance both in the field of IIT-JEE and NEET and has so far done a good enough job. The institute has certain gray areas and can certainly improve. However, keeping all the positives and negatives associated with the institute, one can easily conclude that it is one of the best coaching institutes for NEET examinations preparation in Jaipur.


Address: 84/257, Madhyam Marg, Ward 27, Mansarovar Sector 8, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302020
Mobile: 099282 73041


NEET Examinations demand exceptional levels of dedication and perseverance from the side of students. On the top of this, a really good guidance can easily work miracles. We’ll now be evaluating certain parameters associated with Chitra Study Point Jaipur, so that one can get a clearer idea about its position in the NEET coaching institute industry in Jaipur.

Chitra Study Point offers a really nice infrastructure to its students and stands up to their expectations in this regard. The classrooms are well-furnished and proper efforts are devoted for relieving the students from the hot and humid conditions at Jaipur. The ambience and the general mood at the institute is good enough for students to grow in and utilise for their own advantages. In short, Chitra Study Point Jaipur checks the box of infrastructure after proper evaluations and considerations.

Study Materials
The study materials and notes offered by a coaching institute to its students can prove decisive. The study materials and notes provided by Chitra Study Point Jaipur are of a really good standard and worth the money. Considering the theoretical nature of Biology emphasis is laid on providing the students only with the most accurate and important information. The materials and notes undergo certain cycles so as to eliminate any errors which might just creep in. NCERT is highly revered among the students aspiring to do well in NEET Examinations. Taking this fact account, the think tank makes it a point to keep the notes and materials as close to the NCERT textbooks as possible. Minute attention is paid to any change in the NEET syllabus and curriculum and the study materials and notes are updated accordingly.

Batch Size
Smaller the batch size, more conducive is the environment for the establishment of a better learning-teaching process. Batches at Chitra Study Point Jaipur consist of around forty to fifty students which is fairly moderate and small as compared to the other top coaching institutes for NEET Examinations preparations in Jaipur. A small batch guarantees a more easy going and relaxed environment. Students can come up freely with their doubts and get them cleared timely before they assume a worrying shape. Also, optimum personal attention can be attached to each student in a batch which is crucial. Each aspirant can get to know his strengths and weaknesses personally from the concerned faculty and work accordingly.

Provision of Demo Classes
Chitra Study Point Jaipur believes in attracting students towards by the dint of its good teaching methodology rather than luring them in via extensive social media marketing and advertisements. A student gets a chance to evaluate the substance and credibility of the coaching institute all by himself before deciding anything via demo classes. Chitra Study Point Jaipur offers free demo classes to NEET aspirants so that they can form a more comprehensive and subjective opinion about the effectiveness and relevance of the institute by themselves and thus make a decision which would be fruitful for their future endeavors.

Economic fee structure
The fee structure devised by the management at Chitra Study Point Jaipur is quite modest as compared to other coaching institutes for NEET Examinations preparation in Jaipur. A student at Chitra Study Point Jaipur is charged 74000 rupees per year, which is economic enough. It ensures that students from relatively weaker economic backgrounds can afford to study at the institute and realise their dreams of getting into a top-notch medical college.


Like any other coaching institute in the industry in the business, Chitra Study Point has its own fair share of problems and negatives. We now analyse the negative aspects of the institute after having looked into the positives in some detail.

Lack of an experienced Teaching Staff
Chitra Study Point Jaipur provides guidance for two competitive examinations- IITJEE and NEET. While the faculty for the JEE section is quite seasoned and efficient, the same can’t be said about the NEET section. The institute lacks in substance in the teaching staff as far as preparations and guidance for NEET examinations are concerned. This perhaps the major loophole, as far as the institute is concerned. A well-experienced and quality teaching staff clad with experts is a must have for any coaching institute to emerge on top and attract more crowd towards itself. If only Chitra Study Point can improve itself in this facet it can become a more than handy coaching institute for NEET Examinations.

Lack of a Substantial Past year performance
Another important criterion which a coaching institute needs to fulfill so as to be deemed as top-notch is, good past year performance. To be blatantly honest, Chitra Study Point Jaipur lacks in this aspect as well. It doesn’t have much to show as far past year results and needs to improve itself a lot in this aspect. Only then can it reach the levels of some of the other top draw NEET coaching institutes in the city.

In addition to above mentioned negatives, the institute lacks in a really good online test series and organized video lectures.

Chitra Study Point NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Course Offered By Chitra Study Point– Neet Coaching

Address – 84/257, Madhyam Marg, Ward 27, Mansarovar Sector 8, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

Local Map- 

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Fee-  1 yrs 74k

Contact No -099282 73041

Batch Size – 50

Google Reviews – 4.9 out of 5 stars ( 45 reviews )

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Neet Coaching
Service Type
Neet Coaching
Provider Name
Ankit katiyar,
Jaipur, Mansarovar Sector 8, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India -302020,
Telephone No.099282 73041
Address - 84/257, Madhyam Marg, Ward 27, Mansarovar Sector 8, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020
Fee-  1 yrs 74kContact No -099282 73041Batch Size - 50

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