Civil Engineering Optional strategy by UPSC topper

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Civil Engineering Optional – Everything you need to know!!!

Civil Engineers, it’s high time to choose this optional to stand out from the crowd and pursue your passion without any hindrance. Clearing UPSC is obviously a difficult path for anyone who travels. At times, you might feel exhausted and draining. But, the success you acquire is definitely worth the hardwork and efforts you put in. Check out the Civil Engineering Optional strategy by UPSC topper for a better performance in your UPSC Mains exams.

Is Civil Engineering Optional better than other optional subjects?

Engineering students will certainly have sufficient knowledge for the preparation of Civil Engineering optional. Most of the Engineering subjects are actually easier than other lengthy and boring optional subjects. It is suggested that civil engineering students certainly prefer for this subject.

When you prepare for Civil engineering optional, you can also try to attend GATE(PSU opportunities), one of the prestigious exams in India.

Civil Engineering Optional strategy by UPSC topper for easier preparations

Here is the much-awaited section of the article. You would have visited this page just to know about the Civil Engineering Optional Strategy by UPSC topper, just make use of the below and you don’t have to wait any more.

Read the syllabus of Civil Engineering Optional

The very first step is to go through the syllabus prior to the preparation as you will get a precise view on what you are going to study and plan it accordingly.

Books are your best friends

Heard it somewhere? It is okay even if you haven’t heard this statement. We have mentioned this statement just to make you understand the importance of the books in your preparations. Here is the list of Civil Engineering Optional books that will lend a hand for the preparations.

  • Theory of Structure (Vol – II) – Vazirani and Ratwani
  • Engineering Mechanics – Mchean
  • Fluid Mechanics – Modi & Seth
  • Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics-Garde
  • Prestress Concrete – N. Krishna Rajee
  • RCC (LSM) – AK Jain
  • Steel Structure – L S Negi
  • Strength of Material – V N Vazaram

Planning plays a major role

A perfect plan is required for a seamless preparation and it also saves time. If you have a plan for Civil Engineering optional, you will kick-start the preparations on a daily basis or else you will have this question in mind “What will I read today?”.

Just try to make a proper plan and also ensure that works efficiently. Apart from this, you should also remember, that implementing the plan will only bring you success. If you are all set to prepare for the UPSC mains, it is suggested to spend at least one-part of the day for the preparation to attain success.

Topics that are important in Civil Engineering Optional

Paper 1
  •  Engineering Mechanics
  •  Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis
  •  Construction Management

Moreover, you need to focus on the IS codes which are repeated in question papers for years.

  Paper II
  •  Construction
  •  Construction Technology & CPM.

The above mentioned chapters are very essential to study and provide a special focus on them to score high marks in your UPSC Mains exams.

Very important Civil Engineering Optional strategy by UPSC topper

  • Finally, you have to gather the previous years question papers of Civil Engineering Optional subject.
  • When you analyze the question papers, you will find that certain pattern in followed in it
  • Finding the question paper pattern will let you know about the important topics that are regularly asked in the UPSC mains.
  • After studying the chapters, you can try solving the question papers or mark the important questions in each chapter and concentrate more on them.

It is also suggested to prefer a coaching institute which will provide study materials, mock tests and the best coaching you need for cracking UPSC exams. To know about such institutes in your city, just check out the links given below.

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