Cloud Computing applications and Security issues

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                                        Cloud Computing applications and Security issues

 For basics information of cloud computing please visit:

1.Cloud Computing Basics
Cloud Computing Implementation

Cloud Computing Implementation:

Cloud Computing provides enormous storage capacity as a service  to the end users. Cloud computing is the better way to run a business. Instead of running  applications onself, they run on a shared data center. Where one uses any application that runs in the cloud, he/she just logs in, customizes it and starts using it.  The most common examples of cloud computing is Google mail, Yahoo mail etc.

PC access from anywhere using Cloud:

Is storage of your work computer is limited? Space is full of your mobile phone or tablet? If you are using internet in those devices then you should have access of computer’s hard drive from anywhere.

  •  Create your own personal Cloud PC:

 For this purpose you have to setup remote access in your computer. You will need to install the small server application. You can download server software from LogMeIn For the windows and Mac Os. After the installation process you have to create an account or login through existing account (if you have any).After login you can setup your desired shared folders. Now you can access your files by simply login from other computers / tablets. Now you can run programs & access your home system from anywhere. You can buy network connected hard drive like buffalo cloudstation for remotely access your files.

If you replace the content of the web browser to your mobile / tablet device to access the smartphone platform, there are many free apps. For this you will need to install these apps on your home PC. You can download The Free Application  for- Toledo IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry it works on WI-Fi and 3G network connections. Similarly, the personal cloud Podcast application to convert your computer is free.

  •  Streaming Music from PC:

 If you have audio streaming subsonic app for(iOS, Android), it can be used. desktop software for Windows, Mac or Linux can be downloaded from . By creating an account you have to create folders, then the files can be shared.

  • Supercharge your Drop Box:

Drop box online file storage may be more than handy. you can access DropBox using the Dropatuns. Visit and create your account for DropBox. You can access your files in a Web browser and can play without having to transfer. After Dropatuns , you can stream the file over your iPhone or iPad via iOS app. The conversion or transfer of files is also available.

Recent analysis of Cloud Usage:


If you need milk what will you do … “Buy a cow” or “Buy Milk”. this is cloud computing all about these days. Two things are sure Consumer love cloud based file share and storage system and consumers have concerns about cloud based file share and storage system.

Cloud Security :Since Cloud Computing is a “network of networks” over the internet, therefore chances of intrusion is more with the erudition of intruder’s attacks. Different IDS techniques are used to counter malicious attacks in traditional networks.Intrusion Detection System : An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors network or system activities for malicious activities. It detects  policy violations and produces reports to a management stations.

Types of IDS:

  •  HIDS(Host intrusion Detection system): Host Based Intrusion Detection System Deploying HIDS in hypervisor or host machine would allow the administrator to monitor the hypervisor and virtual machines on that hypervisor. But with the rapid flow of high volume of data as in cloud model, there would be issues of performance like overloading of VM hosting IDS and dropping of data packets..
  • NIDS(Network Intrusion detection system): Network Based Intrusion Detection System will be more reliable and efficient in this context.If placed outside the VM servers on bottle neck of network points such as switch, router or gateway for network traffic monitoring to have a global view of the system. Such NIDS would still be facing the issue of large amount of data through network access rate in cloud environment.

How IDS works ?

Intrusion detection system

Intrusion detection system

A NIDS is placed on a network to analyze traffic in search of unwanted or malicious events. Network traffic is built on various layers; each layer delivers data from one point to another.Two main component types comprise a NIDS appliance and software only.

With an IDS, the “system” component is vital to efficiency. Basically NIDS comprises of many physically separated components.

  • Sensor
  • Management Server
  • Database Server
  • Console
  • Passive Sensor : A passive sensor analyses traffic that has been copied from the network versus traffic that  passes through it.
  • Network Tap : A network tap copies traffic at the physical layer.

Although the detection portion of an IDS is most complicated, the goal of the IDS is to make the network more secure, and the prevention portion of the IDS must accomplish  that effort. After malicious and unwanted traffic is identified, using prevention technique can stop it. A choke point would be any point  in a network where traffic is limited to a small number of connections. An example is usually a company’s internet boundary, where traffic crosses only a router and a firewall. The links between the router and firewall are perfect choke points and good places to consider placing sensors.                                                                                                                                                               

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  1. Jishnu Sen says:

    Cloud Computing is the next generation technology for the computer world. With the help of cloud computing we can access application programs without downloading the program. We can store files or information in the Cloud and we can also have our own cloud as mentioned. So this is really going to help us. Everything will be within out hands without installing the program and increasing the computer storage space.

  2. sneha nanda says:

    In today’s world ,all of us are supposed to be cognizant of cloud computing .Here, this article has covered all the important aspects regarding security issues of cloud computing. very nice write up!!
    keep writing 🙂

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    I found the Article useful, Mostly the IDS section. All persons interested in Cloud computing must go through this..

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    For better understanding about cloud and it’s security issues, just go through it .

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    Cloud Computing, the blazing term that is being used widely today. Let us know what actually is this CLOUD COMPUTING by reading the above article carefully.

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