Colorbox Art Academy Nift Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Colorbox Art Academy Nift Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

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Colorbox Art Academy Nift Coaching In Jaipur Reviews


Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • Past Year Result Good
  • Infrastructure Good
  • Batch Size Good
  • Fee Structure Good


  • No Online Test Provide
  • No Updated In A Study Material
  • Video L:eacher Is Not A Proper Way

In this article we would be discussing and evaluating Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur, one of the most preferred coaching institutes for NIFT Examination in Jaipur. The Academy has received decently good reviews from the students and contemporaries alike and has cemented its place as one of the best coaching institutes for NIFT Examination preparation in Jaipur.


Address: B-1/555, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021
Helpline Number: 085628 09665


In our assessment of the credibility of Colorbox Art Academy in the context of NIFT Examination, we will be starting with the positives it has to offer to its students. We will look into each of the factors in depth, so as to provide a clearer picture about the stature of the academy.

Good Infrastructure
We start with the infrastructure, the aspect which almost forms the first impression of a coaching institute on the minds of the students. The infrastructure offered by Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur to its students is quite nice and modern. The classrooms are quite ably planned out and designed and are clad with all the modern tools of teaching. They are also very spacious at the same time and provide the students with enough space to be really comfortable in and work undisturbed. The general mood and spirit prevalent across the institute is quite light and relaxed, which means that students aren’t under any sort of burden or anything. All in all, going by the infrastructure and related facilities, Colorbox Art Academy can be a really good choice for NIFT aspirants in Jaipur.

Experienced and well-qualified faculty and an impressive teaching methodology
A considerable amount of success of any coaching institute, irrespective of its field, depends on the quality of the teaching staff and faculty it provides to its students. Also what matters is the teaching methodology followed by these teachers. Colorbox Art Academy does really well in this aspect as well. The faculty at Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur is really good and is rated highly by the students and contemporaries alike. Each member on the teaching staff has immense experience in the teaching field as well as the subject he/she handles. Also, the pedagogy/ the teaching methodology followed by the teachers at Colorbox Art Academy has been praised as well. It’s not really surprising therefore, that Colorbox Art Academy is rated as one of the best coaching institutes for NIFT Examination preparation in Jaipur.

Considerably small batch sizes
Small batch sizes are bound to be more appealing and beneficial to the students. Acknowledging and utilising this fact ably, Colorbox Art Academy fixes its batch sizes accordingly. A typical batch at Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur consists of 20-25 students which is considerably small and leaves a lot of scope for the students to get the personal guidance and attention of their faculties. This motivates them even more to do good in the final exam. Hence, a small batch size is one of the major positives associated with Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur.

Good previous year results
Past year results give a fair bit of idea about the competence and relevance of any coaching institute. Thus, a good previous year performance is considered to be one of the hallmarks of any top class coaching institute. Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur has fairly good previous year performances to show and it’s one of the major reasons why it has stayed in the top cadre as far as coaching institutes for NIFT Examination preparations in Jaipur are concerned.


Having closely assessed all the positives of Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur, we will now try to bring to fore, all the negatives associated with it, so that the students can be completely aware about how things stand as far as the Academy is concerned and make a correct decision thereafter.

Well organized and ordered video lectures are not available.
Quality and well ordered video lectures are now one of the major commodities which a coaching institute offers to its students. They help the students to be in touch with the curriculum and course content and all the time and ensure that their preparations don’t get disrupted. Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur lacks big time in this area and doesn’t really offer a properly structured series of video lectures to its students. It is one of the major problems associated with the Academy which it needs to address so as to improve its name, game and fame among the top NIFT Examination coaching institutes in the city.

Study materials are not updated frequently
A lot depends on the quality of study materials and notes being offered by the coaching institute to its students. It is necessary that these materials confirm strictly with the standard curriculum and syllabus of the Examination which they would be appearing for. Colorbox Art Academy despite a number of positives it offers to its students, fails in actually providing them with a really standard and efficient study material. Enough revisions aren’t introduced into them, as a result of which these materials are virtually rendered useless. Updates also occur in fairly small amounts. For it to become a really huge name among all of the top coaching institutes for NIFT Examination in Jaipur, Colorbox Art Academy seriously needs to consider the quality of study materials it offers to its students.

Provision of Online Test Series not available
NIFT Examination, like any other prestigious examination, requires a good deal of practice. It is also necessary that students have a certain standard against which they can measure the level of their preparations and evaluate their position among some of the other dedicated and hardworking aspirants. For this purpose, online test series are a really potent tool. Colorbox Art Academy Jaipur doesn’t have an active online test series which is a huge negative as far as the current competitive climate is concerned. It needs to consider the facet and make relevant changes, in order to make itself more effective.

 NIFT Coaching
Service Type
NIFT Coaching
Provider Name
Ankit Katiyar,
Jaipur Rajasthan,Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India-302021,
Telephone No.Contact No -085628 09665
B-1/555, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021
Contact No -085628 09665Fee- 8-9monthBatch Size - 25

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