Communication in business marketing

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Communication is an important part  in developing an effective marketing programme for the customers. For developing an effective communication programme in business marketing certain steps need to be followed. These steps are as follows : –

1)      Defining the objective of the communication

2)      Selecting the customer group to target

3)      Establishing the budget for the communication             Communication in business marketing

4)      Developing the message that needs to be transferred

5)      Selecting the media for the transmission of the message

6)      Evaluating the result of the promotion strategy

7)      Integrating the communication

How to determine the communication objective

The data is collected regarding the customers on different levels of consumer behavior ,that is, awareness about the product, attitude of the consumers towards the product, the purchase behavior of the customers that are existing in the firm.Only after collecting the data on these levels the objective of the communication is defined.

Selecting the target customers

  • Identifying the customer group based on market segments
  • identifying the attitude of the selected customers that have been selected in the above step
  • Analysing the competitor and improving the functionalities of the company
  • Demonstrate the communication plan to the customers.

Determining Communication  budget- the budhet that need to be selected for the communication purpose should have following characteristics :-

  •  The budget should be affordable by the firm
  • It should increase the percentage of sales
  • Defining the competitive parity
  • Should accomplish the communication objective

Designing the message of communication

  • Message should define what need to be expressed and should also be appealing enough to catch the attention of the address
  • The message should suit the media that is selected

Selecting the Media Mix

The media that is to be selected should be based on certain criteria

  1. It should be able to reach the target customers
  2. It should be able to achieve the desired objective
  3. It should suit the budget of the company.

Functions performed by Advertising in communication strategy

  • Helps in providing knowledge about the product to the customers
  • It helps in reaching even those buying center members that are difficult to be accessed
  • Should be capable enough to increase the efficiency of the firm
  • Creates the reminder for the product
  • It helps in the lead generation of the firm
  • It creates a support for the channel members.


1)      It helps in managing the customers effectively

2)      Reduces effort in searching for the new customers

3)      It provides superior quality of service by the firm

4)      It helps in increasing the sale of the product.


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