Computer Hackers and the Certified Use for Their Skills

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Since the dawn of the computer age, we have learned to associate the word “hacker” with something negative. Even in today’s media and news outlets, this is constantly reinforced. Hackers are criminals – dangerous people who do illegal and troublesome things causing frustration while stealing information and other valuables as the thieves of the digital world. Right?

Not always! Certainly, there are millions of instances of malicious hacking every year. People with these skills often use them for immoral purposes. That isn’t so in every instance, however. Some infiltration specialists use their talents to benefit major corporations, schools, nonprofits and other organizationslegitimately with the help of a CEH certification.

What is CEH? Why is it Legal While Other Forms of Hacking Are Not?

CEH Course – Koenig SolutionsTo understand it fully, you must first eliminate the idea of a hacker being inherently bad. Hacking is merely a technique in which an individual infiltrates a security system, bypasses a safety feature or otherwise obtains information they were not supposed to be able to access. While this might seem suited only for nefarious purposes, there are actually many legitimate applications for this skill set and CEH is one of them.

CEH stands for “certified ethical hacking.” Think of the ethical hacker as a sort of business world spy. These professionals infiltrate the security systems of their own clients – determining where weaknesses are present and how a person from an outside source could potentially capitalize on them to compromise the safety of the secured information. Additionally, these paid hackers can detect when and if another entity has attempted to or successfully done the same – helping to catch cybercriminals and aid in the prevention of future data breaches.

Going Legitimate – How to Become Certified in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking may be an attractive career to those who already possess the interest, knowledge or understanding of hacking. Using a talent they already possess, they are able to legitimize a skill that many see as dangerous or deplorable and market it to companies who are in need of this service. Many of the people who work as ethical hackers were once the less ethical sort and have made the decision to do something more stable and reputable with their abilities. Because of this fact, CEH is viewed as a great way to “turn one’s life around.”

Certification in ethical hacking is actually fairly simple to obtain. After demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the subject matter via a standardized exam, students are granted their certification which enables them to immediately begin working and applying their knowledge. The exam itself is typically preceded by approximately forty hours of study, usually taken in a single, five day week.

The cost and time commitment for the certification can vary. Online, instructor-led courses and examination packages are typically between $1,500 and $2,000 while taking the traditional approach of a classroom setting can vary more in price. As an example, an ethical hacking course in Delhi may cost anywhere from $1,400-$2,650, depending on the type of accommodations required by the student or group being trained and tested. Some companies even offer to send a trainer to a remote location for an additional fee. All of these factors should be considered prior to committing to taking a course.

In the long run, even the pricier options for CEH certification are moderate in comparison to many career advancement opportunities. For less than the price of a single college course in many areas and in less time than a full calendar week, students can create a future for themselves in the corporate world, using techniques they already have an interest in to turn the perceived evils of hacking into a very positive thing indeed.

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