delhi rape case-Why and what caused such ghastly incident to happen in national capital?

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The recent New Delhi rape case has shaken the entire world when a young girl student was brutally raped and thrashed, ended with a tragic death after 13 days of struggle. Now, the question which haunts everybody is as “Why and what caused such ghastly incident to happen in national capital?” as this case has revealed the inner Asian culture before the world where the lives of women are still considered below the men. Although, the changes have begun but due to its steady progress, many lives were lost in those societies where self declared social veterans want to freeze the time for the sake of cultural conservation. Many beastie memorandums from many religious and social institutions often come to limit the freedom of women in a male dominated society and the hand stands against, faces grave consequences. Hundreds of lives are taken every year in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the name of honor killing where murders are considered superior than women freedom.

The Delhi rape case, one of the barbaric incidents of recent time has not only reminded us the moment of bottom level of humanity but also forced us to think about our social duties. In Asian circumstances, no one takes interest in the crime against their own neighbors instead everyone keeps mum. Many serious offenders are walking freely due to lack of witness even if they committed those acts in public. Girl teasing and molestations are the part of society and no one even thinks of putting their voice against it. By the result of complete ignorance from the society, women have been so acceptable that they are even taught to get their head down while passing in public places. The way, the young girl was overpowered, raped and later the iron rod was inserted in her private parts, given the glimpse of what happens when humanity comes to its lower point. An effort to show the manhood ultimately ended with such a result that even a gentle person feels shame on being man. The efforts of the victim towards life have instead inspired many to understand the value of life. This case is not rare, more barbarous acts are done on regular intervals, fortunately this one got media limelight due to which a lot of changes are being expected to happen. Ineffective security agencies are being expected to play their most awaited role to establish the law and order so that society could feel the taste of their existence and worth of billions of nation’s property being spent on them.

This insanic incident will not change every aspect but will definitely begin a movement to recover from such anti human traditions. The candle light marches are just not enough for the safety of women in such a barbaric society, to reduce such cases, everyone who spots any incident like this, will have to come out against it. The role of media should be changed from just fuelling in the public anger to increase their TRPs. They should educate public about the same to avoid such crimes which shame human beings. All pillars of the nation should ensure that the culprits are not left without punishment, instead must be brought to the justice. Ultimately, the more role goes to the shoulder of the victim, they should ensure that even if lighter crime; the offenders are not left without proper treatment.

I will not say once again in four months a baby has been raped but several babies have been raped in recent times and this time five year baby ,shocking but what is more shocking is what we want our society to be. Who is responsible for such act.

United states have hanging law then even it has maximum rape rate. We need to understand it more deep. Susma swaraj shouting to hang Rapist , where do we want to go. What are we talking about. IF some one is indulged in killing , we humans will do same? Are we cannibals.

What has happened to our society  We need to bring change in thought. Hanging is not an option.

Heard Javed Akhtar giving such base less speech on rape cases related to “How westernisation is not responsible” Such a bogus speech , tooth less defense of his act

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2 Responses to delhi rape case-Why and what caused such ghastly incident to happen in national capital?

  1. Gourav Jain says:

    DELHI RAPE CASE!!!! It was one of those case that lies dead in the dusty files stacked on a wooden cupboard..
    With no justice done. The rapists still breathe and continue to live and the victim..
    The only reason behind such thing to happen is not the girl but the government.
    Its natural in a country where terrorists are treated as guests, so who cares if they commit such gruesome crime in their own country.

  2. ayushi says:

    this shameful incident should not happen in our society again and for this government should take severe action… I dont know why those culprits are not hanged to death till now..why they are not been treated the same as that poor girl has faced..
    why these people(indian government) are sleeping ….why dont they understand that the constitution which they are following now was made by the britishers and at that time crime was not that high as it is now…
    JAAGO bharat ki sarkaar JAAGO….

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