Dhyeya IAS Allahabad Reviews

Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch IAS Institue in Allahabad Review

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Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch IAS Institue in Allahabad Review

Fee General studies -76700, Optional subject - 29500 both are english medium

Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • Faculties are good Dhyeya IAS Academy
  • Infrastructure are good in this institute
  • Class timing is 8am to 8pm
  • Refund policy is given on website


  • Batch size not disclose Dhyeya IAS Academy
  • Fee very high in this Institute

According to students’ Google Reviews- “Five Star coaching building “Beat Place For IAS ASPIRANTS in Prayagraj “भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा की तैयारी के लिए उत्तम स्थान । अंग्रेजी माध्यम और हिंदी माध्यम के विद्यार्थियों के लिए तैयारी का एक उत्तम और सरल साधन यहां के शिक्षक काफी अनुभवी तथा योग्य हैं । यहां मिलने वाली टेस्ट सीरीज , मैटेरियल्स , बुक्स , क्लास नोट्स इत्यादि आप की तैयारी को काफी सरल कर देती है औरों के अपेक्षा । यहां एक पुस्तकालय भी है जहां आप बैठकर एकांत में गहन चिंतन कर अपने विषय पर पकड़ बना सकते हैं और यदि कुछ समस्या हो तो यहां की उपलब्ध फैकल्टी आपकी मदद को हमेशा तैयार रहती है । विनय सर , क्यू एच खान सर, वेद सर और इत्यादि गुरुजनों के मार्गदर्शन में हम अच्छी कोचिंग प्राप्त कर रहे हैं।” Dhyaeya IAS Nexa Branch Institue in Allahabad Review

IAS Coaching in Allahabad

 Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch Institue in Allahabad Review

Today, the biggest problem for any educated youth is job problems. Actually, not specifically the job problems, but its pay scale and security up to the retirement time. In such a condition, the Government jobs give aspirants intense greed. To get selection in any Government job gives aspirants a different hope of success in his life. And boundless in case of the IAS UPSC exam. Qualifying the IAS exam is similar to getting the biggest gift of life for any aspirant. This year’s IAS exams notification has got released and in every part of India, its preparation has also begun. if you are intending to give this year’s IAS exam and wanting a good result then, you must read this complete blog, This blog is about the best IAS coaching institute in Allahabad. For IAS like exam preparation, detail knowledge about every topic and innovative perspectives related to these are highly important. The self-study is much important but if your target is good performance and to qualify the exam at first attempt then, you need the support of proper coaching. keeping your this requirement in mind and to save your time from the research about the best IAS Coaching in Allahabad, we in this blog have referred the name of Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch Insitute in Allahabad. This institute’s name is kept on the top in the list as the top IAS Coaching Insitute in Allahabad. And it is done as per its nice google comments, Google ranking of 4.3 and past students’ success record.

Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch Insitute in Allahabad: It is one of the strong contenders among top UPSC coaching institutes. It is running since 2003. Most of the time students would this for the Best IAS coaching in Allahabad.  Students who prefer Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch Insitute in Allahabad are more successful than others. This is because of the highly competitive and qualified faculty members’ availability in this institute. The staffs would continuously try to provide top-notch coaching for the IAS wannabes. It’s just not about learning but there are several factors that have to be incorporated in studies. Dhyeya’s course includes everything that you have to use when preparing for the IAS exam. From time management to shortcuts, you will get to know the tricks and tips for writing the exams exceptionally well. When you are not interested to take up UPSC seriously, then there is no need of joining this institute for IAS coaching. As Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch Institute in  Allahabad is completely into rigorous training sessions. Students must dedicate a part of their life to acquire UPSC coaching in Allahabad. Now take a look at its facilities:

  • It provides both English and Hindi medium learning.
  • Competitive and exam-oriented online and offline test series.
  • Informative and easy in understanding study materials.
  • Large Library with a collection of 500+ exam-success oriented books.
  • Smart classrooms.
  • 24×7 online classes.
  • Free online video lectures.
  • Free online Prelims, mains and NCERT tests set.
  • Effective crash course for proper revision at the end of the preparation.
  • Integrated course.
  • Affordable fee structure with a discount.
  • Availability of every day’s Classroom notes on PDF.
  • Fully exam-oriented important topics related Group Discussion Classes.
  •  Frequent motivational Classes.
  • Daily lectures and interactions with the CSE (Civil Service Exam) toppers.
  • Frequent Current Affairs and Newspaper analysis classes.
  • The sending of study materials through telegram and WhatsApp.
  • Availability of Dhyeya IAS Competitive books and magazines in the market.

Course Offered Dhyeya IAS  Nexa Branch Academy – UPSC & IAS

There are several courses but Dhyeya IAS Allahabad focusses mainly on IAS exams which requires more attention and it is also considered to be one of the toughest competitive exams. The courses offered in Dhyeya IAS Allahabad will certainly provide the best and valuable IAS coaching for the students.

Contact details

  • Address – Civil Lines, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001
  • Contact Details – 8853467068

Owner  Name- Mr. Vijay Sir

Mr.Vijay has done an amazing job by establishing an institute that seems to be the hub of students who are searching for the Best IAS coaching in Allahabad.

Faculty – Total of 15 faculty

Fifteen faculty members in the Dhyeya IAS Allahabad are committed to their work. They toil along with the students to help them clear the exams with high ranks. Moreover, the student has the support of teachers at any cost. Check out some of the eminent names who are working in Dhyeya IAS Allahabad to help students.

  • History- K. Alam,
  • Economy- Kumar Amit,
  •  Polity – Jay Singh

Fees Structure-

When it comes to IAS coaching in Allahabad, students’ biggest concern is the fees.  It’s actually tough for the students to pay all their fortune for one course. However, Dhyeya IAS Allahabad offers the best IAS coaching at an affordable price which makes this institute, an avoidable choice among students. It is a great initiative by the institute and this is actually helping a lot of students. Moreover, the parents are coming forward to enroll their children for quality coaching yet affordable.

  1. General studies –English medium-76700,
  2. Optional subject – English medium-29500,
  3. 14-15 months Duration

Refund Policy- Refund policy is given on the website

You can just check out their website to know about the policies which are clearly given. Just visit the website and you’ll definitely come to know more about the institute. Gear up for the UPSC exams with more confidence than ever. It’s in your hands and you can certainly do it without any hesitation.

Batch size – Not Disclose

Past Year Result- 

Check out some of the toppers from this institute who cleared UPSC with top ranks.

Last year result Kanishka Kataria, Junaid Ahmad

Google Review-  4.4 out of 5 stars / 14 reviews

The ratings are good which makes the Dhyeya IAS Allahabad, an impeccable choice to acquire the best IAS coaching in Allahabad. Just get to know about the institute by visiting their website link.


  • Lighting and seating arrangement should be available for the students.
  • The Coaching Centre should have the infrastructure in the form of Books, Study material like some facilities are available for students.

Facilities – Hostel facilities are available

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Competitive exam in Current Affairs. 

UPSC Video Lecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions- 

Q1. How is Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch in Allahabad better than the other coaching academy?

Ans. Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch provides study material & online classes. They have Experienced faculty.  The learning environment & infrastructure makes Dhyeya Ias Academy better than another coaching academy.

Q2. What are the class timings of Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch in Allahabad?

Ans. The Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch in Allahabad Academy runs various batches at the same time. These batches start from

Batch Time- 8am in the morning to 8pm in the evening.

The class duration for a particular subject on a day is 1 hour 30 min.

Q3. What is the Fee Structure of Dhyeya IAS Nexa Branch in Allahabad?

Ans. The Fee Structure of one-year

  • General studies -eng-76700,
  • Optional subject – eng 29500,
  • Course duration- 14-15 months

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Although we have tried to bring top IAS coaching center in Allahabad through oureducation research and this research was conducted on Aug-07- 2019 but by the time you decide to take admission in coaching center for  IAS  in Allahabad with Fee structures, teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number 01204694690 ( your number is safe with us) at our email id mail@oureducation.in. You can also call for updated information.

Please write your views and comments in the comment box below for a quick and better response.

Reference: https://www.dhyeyaias.com/career

This Research on- 07 Aug 2019

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Service Type
Provider Name
Ankita Yadav,
Allahabad,Civil Lines ,India-211001,
Telephone No.8853467068
Civil Lines, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001
Dhyeya IAS coaching in Allahabad is the Good IAS Coaching. The infrastructure is also good. The fee structure is high for the students.

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