Diploma or Degree

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Diploma or degree

 Exams or no exams 

 Homework or no homeworks

are non ending fighting topic with generally no answer for every one or sometimes any one but then even we need answer to take decision for our career growth and career path which is to be decided for our benefit.



Most of the time it becomes difficult to choose streams. Again question comes which one is better Diploma or Degree. When a student has pre decided that he or she will go for engineering, so decision has been always difficult to take in these cases as we donot know , out come of that activity and many of times we take wrong decision by taking suggestions of people who are not expert in that domain to suggest , as a class 12th student ask from his friends who themselves are confused on what to do?

I have tried to convince many parents that let student take his own decision and do not force Diploma , Degree or any stream on Kid but answer which I get is , “How student will get to know , what he likes” It is obvious that a student does not know what is in syllabus of Computer science Engineering and Computer science Diploma then on what base , he/ she will have interest.

To Some extent thought of Parents on this issue is right as well but what matters is Interest of student is in computer or not. Does he like computer as an electronic gadget (If he likes) or he likes it as a medium to play with. These things will tell students inclination towards diploma or degree.

Here in our education system , diploma is considered to have lower credentials than that of degree and a diploma holder is considered to have technical know how of that domain but not the management know how.

Diploma or Degree has been matter of discussion in many GD. Here I would like to state that you need to set your priority as education is always an investment of time & resources and a diploma degree is of less time and makes you employable but a degree has management part as well , take example of B-Tech degree which has management contents as well as technical aspects where as diploma in Engineering has only technical aspect.

So you need proper prioritization of your thought that whats your basic need. Feel free to ask through comments further.

Discussion has no end Diploma or Degree which is better?

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