Do people from West Bengal crack the UPSC?

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Is UPSC cracked by individuals from West Bengal?

In this article, you will get to know if people from West Bengal crack the UPSC exam or not.

Introduction to UPSC

Many students from India aspire to become IAS officers and there are lakhs of students who give UPSC exam for it. But as it is one of the most difficult exams in India, only around 800 students are able to clear the exam. Being an IAS officer has a lot of benefits as a person gets a lot of responsibilities and authorities on his shoulders. He gets the power to bring a change in his nation and develop it. It also has a lot of monetary perks. But you need to work a lot hard for clearing the UPSC exam. It requires proper strategy and planning. It is not necessary that you will be able to clear the exam in first attempt and this might make you feel demotivated. So you need to trust yourself and keep your self motivated. Hard work definitely leads to achieving the success.

UPSC aspirants in West Bengal

Although IAS is one of the most demanded job opportunity in whole of India but there are not many people in West Bengal who aspire to become IAS officers and this is why there are very less people in West Bengal who clear the UPSC exam. They do not show much interest in UPSC exams. Every area in India has its own opinion and stereotypes regarding their career choices like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where power is mostly demanded among people. Punjab, Haryana etc are mostly interested in sports, foreign, army etc and Gujarat, Maharashtra where money and business is demanded as a career choice. Mostly because Bengalis are fun loving people and they do not like working all day and having stress. They do not take a lot of work loads and live their lives simply and happily. It is also a fact that they are  intellectual people and they like to be in the surrounding of the same kind of people. In their opinion, IAS is not a job for intellectuals. They are mostly interested in becoming doctors, engineers or teacher’s.

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There is also an other reason behind this and that is that mostly for government jobs, Hindi speaking candidates are preferred so most of the IAS and other government jobs are taken by northern side residents especially from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc.

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IAS officers from West Bengal

Although it is not true that there are no IAS officers from Bengal. There are many dedicated aspirants from West Bengal who have worked hard and achieved their dream of becoming IAS officers. West Bengali people have to face more problems than the other people as there is a big barrier of language. But still they achieve their dream by their continuous dedication and hard work.Many IAS officers from Bengal share their strategy on how they aspired to become IAS officers. It is mostly because their parents want them to become IAS officers or they have someone as a role model that makes them want to become IAS officers. To become an IAS officer you need to plan proper strategies and work according to it. You need to firstly set small targets and try achieving them rather than studying for hours and hours without achieving anything. Focus mainly on the NCERTs of 6th to 12th and try revising it again and again. Make your notes as they will help in revision at the last moment. Also concise your syllabus and limit your sources as there are infinite number of them and it might confuse and stress you. Also keep your mental and physical health good. You need to exercise and meditate daily as this will relax your mind and help you focus more. Make time for your friends and family and share your problems with them as they will help in motivating you and bringing positivity in you. It is not necessary that you have to take coaching. You can study by yourself and there is a lot of study material these days on internet. Join only if you think that you need coaching especially if you do not have a proper grasp on your optional subject other wise self study is more than enough

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