Doon university and different courses at Doon university

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Doon university

All course details for doon university

History of Doon University:

A lot of Universities are there in Uttarakhand state which span across various streams . Uttarakhand state is a house of universities and colleges. Doon University is one of these universities and is one of finest university of Uttarakhand state.

Idea behind Doon university setup

The main idea behind the setting up this university is the complete dearth of higher educational system and institutes that the state of Uttrakhand had been facing. The main idea behind the university is to address the issue of higher education system in the state. The uttrakhand legislative Assembly passed the Doon university Bill, 2005 ( Uttranchal Adhiniyam Sankhaya 18 of 2005 ) and it was agreed by the governor on April 23, 2005. Then, on 26 April, 2005, it was published in the Uttrakhand Gazette. Its Statuses were fully approved on 9th May 2009, and the university started its academic curriculam on 6th Aug 2009.

Facilities Available in Doon University:

Many facilities are offered by this college. The classrooms are large and spacious. There are laboratories, audiovisual room, auditorium, library, reading room, canteen, hostel etc. This institute offers residential facilities to its students. Pupils are expected to stay in the hostels unless otherwise permitted. The students are always expected to stay in the campus as there are many co-curriculam that are organised where the participation of students is compulsory. Students take part in GD and also attend tutorial after the regular class hours. This is organised mainly to discuss topics where there is an iota of doubt and clarifications are sought. The hostels have modern facilities and students are abides by Hostel and Cafeteria Regulations/Rules. Possession of music system and firearms is extremely prohibited and anyone found in possession of jewellery, camera and heavy cash with them in the hostels is seriously dealt with them.

Banking and Medical facility:

University authority is taking steps to set ATM counters in the campus. There are steps being taken to provide medical help to students as well.

Extracurricular activities:

Students of Doon University can indulge in various types of extra curricular activities in the university campus. Some of the activities that a student can take part are literary, cultural, social, film, etc

Students studying at Doon university are not just recipient of education and knowledge but it allows the students to understand the continuous process of construction of ideas and knowledge. Active education actually helps to retain knowledge and education and helps to apply them in real life. Apart  from classroom lectures, discussion, group work, presentation, case studies, tutorials etc are key learning activities/tools in all university curriculam. Summer internship, mandatory project work in the final semester and, regular participation of visiting/guest faculty from professions are the various means through which students will sharpen their knowledge and skill for entry-level jobs.

Courses Offered:

  • MBA
  • MA Communication /5 year Integrated communication Program
  • MA Economics/5 year Integrated MA Program
  • M. Sc   Environmental studies
  • MA Languages
  • M. Sc Natural Resource Management.


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    the college do not provide with B.A programme and even the fees structure is not provided

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