drinking water is More necessary then Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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Even after 66th years of independence.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,still there are some places where people can’t have safe drinking water.Government promises a lot that we will bring technology advancements, new infrastructure, computers etc. To rural India. But just ask the rural people they simply don’t want these things, they just want drinking water………. People in rural part of India travel miles to get drinking water, and in most of the villages a tanker comes and people fight for their turn to get water as they are actually fighting for life. This situation is quite critical. …….So government first provide them the basic needs of life instead of keep promising them on the other things which is expressed in the topic as Pepsi, cola.

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3 Responses to drinking water is More necessary then Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

  1. Priyanka Singh says:

    More than just drinking water, SAFE drinking water is the need of the hour. We hear so many instances of water borne diseases taking lives. It is important to know which purification technology is RIGHT for the kind of water one gets in their house. It is like unless you know the problem how can you treat a disease?
    Check our http://www.waterconsumer.org a web destination for all information related to safe drinking water. It has some amazing features like- allowing you to have your water tested, recommending the best purification technology on basis of water type that you get, search & compare water purifiers and also share your testimonials or complaints about any water purifier brands.

  2. Gourav Kumar says:

    Its a pity for us that still lots of villages are yet to get clean drinking water and they are promised by the politicians about high tech equipment for agriculture and computers for their children. Government should give priorities to fulfill their basic requirements which they needed the most and then there may be another promises.

  3. Rashmi Rani says:

    It is essential that government should provide safe drinking water to each and every citizen of state. I don’t know why we are confusing issue of providing safe drinking water with Coke or Pepsi especially in rural areas. As far as coke is concerned, it is a personal choice of a consumer to consume it or not just like tea, coffee or even tobacco. Govt has no role in providing coke or Pepsi to rural areas. But government should work on the plan to improve water facilities first in rural areas .

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