‘Equal Opportunity Means Engineering Outcomes Under Feminism’s Mentality of EO’

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Freedom based on securing the unalienable rights of each of us was why the U.S.
was formed. But perverting those rights for an alleged greater good excuse shows feminism’s Marxist mentality. Feminism’s perversion of equal opportunity into government-imposed engineered outcomes denies rights and opportunity of men and destroys freedom which is the real source of abundant opportunity for all.

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Feminism has used ‘equal opportunity’ as a wedge to re-engineer society. It’s undermining the free choice of people though the force of government based on invoking ‘greater good excuses’ -feminist excuses – that override the unalienable rights of others, specifically men. This is wrong because it invokes the immoral concept that ‘the end justifies the means’ which is the antithesis of justice.

That’s the operating paradigm of all totalitarian governments – tyrannies like communism and national socialism.
It also reveals a fundamental fraud taking place – the usurping of freedom’s unalienable rights with governmental force to impose feminists’ phony rights, often called women’s rights – which are privileges for women that come at the expense of freedom’s rights for men. Feminism demands government to force whatever women-based vision of society feminists suggest as necessary for gender equality when it benefits women – but not when benefiting men.

Most of feministic verbiage is based on identical human physical and psychological ability and proclivities beyond primary sex characteristic for men and women, and that people are born as a blank slate to be formed by social conventions. This has been proven wrong even in recent studies – i.e.

sex does matter. Nevertheless, feminism offers specious arguments to support whatever it wants – and that’s to control society for its own benefits and agenda. The last thing it wants is freedom, because what free people will choose will not accord to feminism’s agenda for women and men.

*Feminist perversion of language to control thought:
The idea of equal opportunity has tricked the public – or at least their representatives – into relinquishing fundamental rights of others to benefit women – to empower them to participate in more of society’s jobs. Many people think that equal opportunity is actually an unalienable right.

It isn’t and it’s operationally meaningless. But the perversion of language is an important tool to control people’s thinking.
The only ‘equal’ associated with your constitutional rights (your unalienable, fundamental, freedom-preserving rights) is equal protection under the law which protects our rights irrespective of your sex. But those rights include your right to choose who to associate with socially and in business.

People have a right to choose to advantage themselves and their businesses as they wish. Their free actions will produce the best advantages for all in the invisible hand fashion of Adam Smith – as America’s abundance and opportunity has shown.
As an employer, you have the right to choose who to work in your company for whatever reason you want. If you own your company you can choose your relatives; if not, you, with the agreement of the owners or their representatives, you can choose who will fit in best with the other employees to achieve the company’s objectives.

You even have the right to not choose who is best for the job at hand for other benefits that person may bring to the company. That’s what freedom means. But that freedom is being denied now under the guise of equal opportunity laws that force an equal outcome often irrespective of capability in favor of women.
We are all different individually – one from the other. But our sex – gender according to feminist ‘word thought’ – is the single characteristic of us that affords a difference in our capabilities, aptitudes and proclivities. Men and women generally show unequal capabilities or aptitudes physically, psychologically, and socially.

Norway despite its egalitarian social structure shows that men and women still tend to choose jobs more typical of their sex – just like in the past.
*Feminist lobbyists reject objective standards both in equal opportunity and justice:
But even if employers intending to afford equal opportunity to men and women set an objective standard for being hired, feminists object to it if it results in a disparate outcome in favor of men. In fact the Civil Rights Act of 1991 created a legal presumption of wrongdoing whenever a company’s practices – such as using an employment test to measure merit for the job – has a disparate impact by sex in favor of men – but, of course, not in favor of women. This means ‘intent’ to discriminate is irrelevant; only unacceptable outcomes are actionable!

That’s because feminism is not interested in equal opportunity. EO is part of the double-think jargon that sounds like one thing but in fact represents the opposite. No, feminism wants women represented in jobs even if the standards have to be lowered to accommodate them – a fact proven again and again. And that’s just what the law forces employers to do.

And, of course, those men who would have qualified for jobs by their higher merit than ‘feminist-qualified’ women are denied ‘equal opportunity’ due to feminism’s ‘engineered outcomes’. Those men were denied their fundamental rights for the privileges that ‘women’s rights’ gives women. This is, of course, harmful to those men and a denial of real equal opportunity to them in addition to their constitutional rights of equal treatment under law.

Feminism is not interested in any objective standard by which both men and women could aspire to for meriting a position. They just want results – their results – and they want government control of society to get what they want. So they accept no one’s standards but their own self-serving standards and whatever excuse they can use to justify it.

Just like Marxist thinking which asserted that there was no objectivity in human reasoning, just ‘proletarian logic’ and ‘bourgeois logic’. So also does feministic thinking reject objective standards because there is only ‘patriarchal logic’ and ‘feminist logic’.
So, only the feminist elites are ‘equipped’ by virtue of their sex to determine what’s reasonable to achieve their ends.

‘Women’s rights’ that abridge equal rights and protections of men is being implemented everywhere and in every country. As an example, the European Union committee for women’s rights has instituted into European Union Law that the board of directors of all companies must be 40% women. Ireland even has laws demanding that political parties must field a certain percentage of women as candidates for office.

Why – because freedom of choice of people doesn’t produce the perverted view of society that feminist lobbyists demands.
*Feminist jurisprudence for engineering outcomes in courts:
Lastly, feminism has infiltrated our courts with its ‘feminist jurisprudence’ to override the long standing logic of jurisprudence and its principles of fairness for all as its standard. Its infiltration into family courts uses greater good excuses like safety of women and the best interest of the child along with the preference for women’s truth over the counter claims of men to guarantee – not equal outcomes – but strongly favored women’s outcomes in the complaints associated with child custody and those claims that come under the feminist-created domestic violence paradigm.

As a result it’s eliminating fathers from families and their children while enslaving those fathers to the state in gross violation of their unalienable (constitutional) rights. These well-established trends of present day society is harming those fathers, their children, families and, of course, freedom.

It’s important that everyone realize the perversion of rights that feminist lobbying has engineered to grab government control for re-engineering society to whatever its feminist elites wish to envision.

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