Fake offer letter of WIPRO AND TATA

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Fake offer letter of Wipro and TATA Motors

Some one  , may it be a company or an individual is sending fake offer letter of Wipro to different people. Amount of Rs 8500 is being asked, i have attached video transcript for your brief knowledge. A sms is sent to you to check this url  https://ge.tt/3ZSQTKg/v/0 , when you download your letter from this url , you get offer letter which have been shown in video. Please avoid it and share this information with your friends.

Fake Offer Letter

Beware of Fake Job Offers.

These people have applied in Wipro directly or through any consultant , so you need to be aware of what you do. This time more advance technology is being used to make you believe that its really and you pay but please do not get trapped without verifying it properly. We could verify easily  being in IT industry but may be difficult for you.

Today fake offer letter of TATA motors  has come to light and its being sent through ID of http://tatamotorshr.com/ offering salary range

Important tips to verify your offer letter 

1. Should not ask for any financial transaction.
2. Should have proper url of the company.
3. Do not believe on mails which shows you url of company.
4. Check for scanned logo on offer letter (Most of time these are scanned logos)

If possible verify from company directly or write us at mail@oureducation.in , we will verify for you.

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