Free online courses for IAS preparation

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Free Online courses for IAS exam preparation

In this article, we will tell you about some of the website which provide with the online courses that are free of cost.


It is one of the most difficult exams in India to crack and a compulsory exam If you want to get into the administrative department for any of the posts like IAS, IRS etc. Being an IAS officer brings a lot of changes in your life. It is a lot more difficult than clearing the exam and you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. You get to bring a change in your country and to develop it and make it better. With that you also have a lot authorities of which you should always make the right use. You get a lot of monetary perks and it is one of the best career choices in the government sector.

Preparation of UPSC exam

You need to work a lot hard for the preparation of this exam with a lot consistency and determination. First of all you need to make a proper time table and strategy with proper planning and flexibility. Set daily targets of topics to complete or a book to study and then try to achieve the target. Read newspaper for an hour and take breaks in your study time. Also read NCERTs properly and revise them. Take good care of your health and give time to your friends and family. Keep motivating yourself when you feel like giving up and think of the reason you are preparing for this exam.

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Online courses and study material

There are a lot of courses and study material available on internet. Delhi was the main source of study material earlier and it was thought that you can become an IAS officer by going to Delhi only. But these days everything is available online and you can prepare for your exams at the comfort of your home. These courses are available both in paid and free. If you want to avail these courses for free then here are some of the websites which provide best study material for free

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First in the list of free online courses for IAS is


It provides a range of various online courses for your preparation in UPSC CSE. It has courses available for all of the parts of examination like general studies, optional, test series etc. The courses include various important topic like international relations, economic survey analysis etc. It also provides with a variety of question papers discussions and analysis is done by one of the top institutes and toppers. You just need to register and enroll the courses. It also provides with various tips and strategies.

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Second in the list is


It is one of the most famous education website where students of all classes and ones who preparing for the exams, take classes. It provides free IAS courses on its website and it has various different features in it like current affairs which are tailored according to smooth and easy preparation. It also has various video lectures which are made by teachers who are experts in IAS coaching. It also has various answer writing practice that helps in your progress.

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Third in the list is 

3. Clear IAS

It provides free study material and notes for free if you are a self study person. It helps in guiding you through your preparation and has a concise syllabus so that you don’t have to face problems in finding the correct study material among the infinite number of sources. It has all the material for general studies, Mains and prelims.

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Fourth in the list is


It isa website which offers a number of courses for free at the comfort of your home. It is a well known website for education and used by many students for their preparation in exams. It provides free live courses with best study material and it also conducts free mock tests.

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Fifth in the list is

5. YouTube

Obviously, YouTube is a well known application famous among everyone where you videos related to every topic exists. There are many videos related to IAS preparation and you can find study material on various channels of YouTube at free of cost that will help you in your preparation.

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