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Telegram is one of the most popular applications that has been used in today’s time by the youth. Telegram has become an application that poses strong competition to many other social media applications today. The application facilitates for easier methods of sending messages and larger files. Since social media has become one of the medias that is most used students have been thinking of incorporating into their study lives as well.

Many universities have actually considered this to be a viable option. It will connect many bright minds together enabling intense conversations and debates to occur. This is especially useful to students attaining education long distance or has chosen for online education. Those already attaining education in physical classrooms can add this as an advantage as well. The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering is one of the toughest exam.

GATE exam requires you to have good foundation in your undergraduate subjects. It tests you in these areas. This exam is required if you want to pursue further education in engineering from the most prestigious engineering colleges such as IIT and so on. Here are some of the best GATE Groups on Telegram that you can join and avail the services:

Gate Group For Telegram

Gate Aspirants 2020
Civil Engineering GATE
Gate computer science

Benefits of joining Telegram Group for Gate – Top Gate Group in Telegram 

Telegram group for GATE preparation is one of the best options you can make while choosing to prepare for the exam. One of the best such Telegram group is by oureducation. Oureducation telegram groups has many advantages. It is already a page that provides reviews to students about various coaching centers and institutions. For GATE you require good foundation and for this reason to make you more equipped on the syllabus you already know the study material provided is exceptional. Study material is provided from on of the best sites that gives you access to all major GATE preparing coaching centers at the lowest cost possible.

Oureducation also makes sure that students don’t get carried away by the entire process and realize why they have chosen to study through Telegram. Oureducation enables you to connect with the toppers of previous GATE exam. Such connections will help the students know what kind of questions will be posed at the exam they have enrolled in. Moreover, test series and syllabus and further updates will be circulated in the telegram groups of Oureducation. Oureducation has also understood that students though they opt for online courses would like counselling and guidance in the process of their preparation especially for GATE. You can check the application of Oureducation on the link below!

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Check – Best Telegram Group for GATE 

Pro’s and Con’s of joining Telegram Group for Gate – Top Gate Group on Telegram 

The pro’s of joining Telegram group for GATE exam preparation are as follows:

  • If you find that you do not have time to attend classroom classes then this is one of the best option.

When you know that you are better focused when you are at home or you wantto prepare for this exam simultaneously with your other studies then telegram group for Gate is an option that you can avail. Oureducation provides you with study materials and test series to help you clear the concepts better.

  • Classrooms are distracting because of peers.

Classroom programs can shift your focus to many other things. While in class your focus can shift from your goal and exam to talking and discussions with your friends. However, joining preparation groups on Telegram for Gate will help you focus on your goal and also discuss issues at certain points and times.

The con’s of joining Telegram group for GATE exam preparation are as follows:

  • Telegram for GATE can be distracting.

Telegram groups for GATE preparations can be helpful as well as harmful. Harmful in the sense that it can distract you to other media and thus shift your focus from your goal. Moreover, discussions and debates can get you carried away and it might get interesting and interactive on such social media platforms.

  • Classroom enables interaction with like minded peers.

If you are very serious about GATE preparations and is thus joining a telegram group for Gate preparations you can never go awry on your path. However, in a classroom you will be in close contact wit students who are as serious as you thus the motivation and encouragement will be non-stop.

Other Applications – Best GATE Exam preparation Group on Telegram

Here are some other applications that you can join for preparations for GATE or extract study material, online test series and various others:

  • Mrunal Application

Mrunal application is one of the best applications that you can join for the preparation of any competitive examination. Mrunal application provides you the guidance required for each of your foundation course or syllabus. Each of this syllabus has test series involved and per day progress. there is customized progress checker and counselor and mentorship to know where you lack. This helps students to do better.  The fees structure for joining is also nominal.

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  • Studymaterialoureducation

This is a link to join telegram that is by oureducation. This is one link that helps you get all the necessary study materials for preparations. When you say study materials it is the well chosen and exclusive syllabus and study materials that is provided via this link. You can join this to gain the top notch study materials for Gate preparations.

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  • Onlinekhanmarket

Onlinekhanmarket is one of the most popular sites for obtaining study materials at the lowest cost. This study materials are from the best coaching centers from all around India for GATE. Onlinekhanmarket makes sure that students are not overwhelmed by the vast study materials that is available today but only that is necessary and required for the preparation for GATE.


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