Gate sample Paper

Gate sample Paper COMPUTER NETWORK

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Gate sample Paper


MARKS -100 Time-2.00hrs                                                                                                                  Gate sample Paper

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Q.1 How many bits represent Lancard address ?
32bits 48bits
16bits 64bits
Q.2 Which class are used for multicasting in classfull addressing ?
Class A class B
Class C class D
Q.3 How many bits represent for Netework in classC ?
21bits 24bits
16bits 8bits
Q.4 What octet is used to represent the type of class in Dotted notation ?
1 2
3 4
Q.5 How many bits used to represent class B in binary notation ?
4 2
3 1

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Q.6 Which address used for self trouble shooting of
port ?
Default loopback
IP port
Q.7 Bridge is a which layer device ?
Application datalink
Physical network
Q.8 Write the name of dynamic routing ?
Link state BJP
Path vector distance vector
Q.9 Which device is multiprotocal converter ?
Router gateway
Bridge switch
Q.10 Mac layer is the sublayer of which layer ?
Physical datalink
Network session


Q.1 What is the subnet mask of class c ?
Q.2 if the subnet mask is and IP adrress is then calculate subnet ID?
255.68 96.4 164 .76.45.0
Q.3 In classless adderessing ,ip adderess is calculate the range of IP adderess ?
128 26
62 32
Q.4 A data flow with the rate of 10mbps and the time for transmission is 2.5m/sec then calculate the size of data ?
25 76
45 56
Q.5 which protocol provide the facallities of electronic mail ?
Udp tcp
Ip ntp
Q.6 Write the default dynamic host configuration protocal address ?
Q.7 In Tcp protocal congession window increase at what rate ?
Exponentially linearly
Simple quarditic
Q.8 Which protocal is used for managing time ?
Smtp ntp
Pop imap4
Q.9 which layer is used for dialog control ?
Session presentation
Physical network
Q.10 The system has multiple ip address or not?
May be no
Yes not possible
Q.11 which is used for data in application layer ?
Message datagram
Packet frame
Q.12 does frame encapsulate packet or not?
Yes no
Yes nd vice varsa not possible
Q.13 what is the size of port address ?
32 64
16 48
Q.14 The size of tcp segement may increase or not ?
Yes no
Not possible may be
Q.15 What is the range of port address ?
0-65536 0-65535
0-1023 0-65534
Q.16 In subnetting bits are borrowed from ?
Net bits host bits
Both subnetid
Q.17 In supernetting bits are borrowed from ?
Netbits hostbits
Both supernetid
Q.18 In physical layer ,Data flow in the form of ?
Packet frames
Raw bits datagrams
Q.19 In mac layer Token ring is also known as?
802.3 803.5
801.4 607.2
Q.20 which of the following is Active device ?
Router hub
Switch Repeater

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  2. Rishu Goel says:

    Unsolved sample paper is here for your own practice…

  3. Anjali Dreamgirl says:

    These contain questions only so try to solve them. t will give a great practice.

  4. preeti nisha says:

    computer network is one of the most important section in the gate examination and it carries a lot of marks.
    It is wise to have a command on this subject as it fetch good marks in the gate score thus chances of clearing the cut – off will be high. Computer network is a very interesting subject as well and gives a wide knowledge about the networks and communications in the world. This post provides a few sample questions on computer network appearing in the gate examination. Very useful for gate aspirants.

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