Geology Optional Strategy by UPSC topper

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Geology Optional Strategy by UPSC topper

The selection of optional subject in UPSC Mains plays a key role in boosting your marks. Unlike other subjects in UPSC Mains, Optional subjects is where you can score a lot as it is your choice. You should actually concentrate more here and it will be easier if you have proper guidelines to prepare for the exams. Check out below to know about the Geology Optional which is popular among the students in recent times.

An overview of Geology Optional strategy by UPSC topper

  • Geology Optional is one of the optional subjects which is preferred by only a particular set of students as it requires wide knowledge.
  • Students who have keen interest in learning Geology can become an expertise with proper learning methodology and study materials.
  • Moreover, one can easily score more marks in Geology optional than any other optional subject.

Is Geology Optional, a correct subject for me?

If you have this question in mind, then you should actually read below to know the answer.
Students who have a Geology back ground should certainly prefer Geology Optional over other optional subjects for UPSC Mains.

Advantages of choosing Geology Optional

  • You can actually score more in this domain.
  • Unlike other optional subjects, you don’t have to toil in explaining the context as the topics in Geology Optional are scientific.
  • Learning and understanging the concepts is actually a piece of cake.
  • It is easy to understand.

What makes Geology Optional, a least considered subject?

Like all optional subjects, Geology Optional also has some cons that you have to take into account before you start preparing.

The subject requires expertise and without prior learning, it is quite dificult for students who are novice to Geology.

Studying for this subject will certainly take time and students who don’t ample time duration for the preparation consider this subject as a least priority.

Therefore, most of the IAS aspirants will not select thist time-consuming optional subject.

Apart from the above, a student should have great interset in learning Geography Optional and if there is less interest or no interest at all, it is actually not recommended to choose this subject.

Geology Optional strategy that is followed by UPSC toppers

Before we start, let us analyze about the important subjects that are available under Paper I and Paper II.

Paper I

  • Geomorphology
  • Palaeontology
  • Geotectonics

Paper II

  • Igneous and metamorphic petrology
  • Mineralogy
  • Geochemistry
  • Environmental geology

Moreover, questions will be asked from Ore genesis, Mineral revelation, Indian mineral silt, Mineral trading and lending, Underground water examination, incident, designing of topography, groundwater science, geology of energies, incident and designation of water.

These are the essential topics that you have to cover while preparing for the Geology Optional.

Books that will help you during Geography Optional preparation

Trends in Objective Geology – Aussif Sayeed
Text Book of Geology – P.K. Mukherjee
Concise Geology – P.K. Mukherjee

UPSC Geology Study Material
Books for Geology optional for UPSC IAS Mains

Advancing Frontiers in Geology and Geophysics : A Volume in Honour of M.S. Krishnan- A P Subramaniam & S. Balakrishnan
Early Man in Eastern Himalayas : North-East India and Nepal- Sharma, A. K.
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Writings on Geology and Mineralogy : Scientific Papers and Comments- Ranganathan, A. & Rao, K. Srinivasa (Eds.)
Concise Glossary of Geology- Mathur, S.M.
Deccan Traverses : The Making of Bangalore’s Terrain-Mathur, Anuradha & Cunha, Dilip Da
Dimensions of Himalayan Geology- Biyani, A.K.
Encyclopaedia of Fish and Fisheries- Anand, Vishal
Encyclopaedia of Geo-Informatics : Incorporating GIS and Remote Sensing, 5 Vols.- Trivedi, Priya Ranjan et al.
Encyclopedia of Geology- Yadgiri, Vaishali
Foreland Sedimentation in Himalayan Tectonic Regime : A Relook at the Orogenic Process- V. Raiverman
Earthquake Disaster Reduction : Masonry Buildings, Design and Construction- Arya, Anand S.
Geological Maps- D.K. Awasthi
Above all, take your own timefor the preparation and don’

t hustle or skip when you are running out of time. Just study topics that you can cover at a short span of time. It is always suggest to get relevant guidance from top coaching institutes for a better performance in your UPSC Mains.



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