How could I get the best notes for UPSC exams?

How could I get the best notes for UPSC exams?

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UPSC exam is tricky. You may have to take classes but the quick notes always serve the purpose. You will get to know the value of Notes making in UPSC examination when your exam will come near.

Because you a UPSC aspirant Taking Notes is the important thing for you. It’s an Era of Technology. People sleep while reading, people wake up with reading the books But how?

people use Digital platform to read the books. If you talk about the best place to get the notes of all the top IAS coachings Delhi then its IAS NOTES OF TOP IAS COACHINGS HERE

You can easily get the PDF i.e. the Ebook  IAS Notes from this website. If you have opted for Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations etc you will get all the notes from here.

What are Good notes for IAS EXAM?

The good notes should have clarity of ideas of that particular subject. It should match with the exact syllabus not beyond that. Because UPSC Examination Syllabus itself is so wide that if you Take those notes which are having the syllabus at Length it is not going to help you in clearing the IAS Exam.

Good Notes for IAS examination should be properly Organized. If notes will not be properly organized It will create the issue in connecting dots. what I mean by connecting Dots, you should be able to connect things and views while writing an answer in the UPSC examination. So, if you would be having the good notes you need not to collect data from the different sources

Good Notes of IAS Examination will maintain the proper Record of your progress. Means you can start reading from the same page where you left yesterday!

Whenever you make notes always try to incorporate diagrams and text in an organized manner. Our brain is built in a manner that it keeps us informed about the images that we read during the exam.

whenever you write notes, make it sure that you don’t write word to word. It does not make sense. what is the point of making notes then if you have to read a lot of data again in a short time. IAS notes should be concise and quick for revision.

For making good notes you have to actively decide what is important and what is not important from the UPSC examination purpose. Then decide what you need to write.

Whatever you are going to read first Analyze what is the important main point. what is the whole text is about? Develop clear Links and ideas of the Topic.

You can save your 50% effort by taking the notes from the online khan market website link that I mentioned above.



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