How do I prepare for UPSC as I cannot afford high coaching fees

How do I prepare for IAS as I cannot afford high coaching fees?

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How do I prepare for UPSC as I cannot afford high coaching fees?

IAS Exam (Civil Services) & Its Difficulty Level

Traditionally, we had always heard from people about the UPSC Exams being the toughest exams to crack as it requires a lot of determination and for many, years of practice. Once again Now the question is, “How true is it that IAS Exams are tough?” The truth is that it is a tough task to crack these exams. But tougher a victory is, one gets more satisfaction on conquering it. This applies to IAS Exam too as once you clear it, your life gets into a respectable position and on a more secured path.

The three stages of UPSC Exams that are UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains and UPSC Board Interview get more difficult and challenging as you clear each stage. The syllabus for UPSC Exams is very lengthy and one has to study a wide range subjects. The success percentage in clearing UPSC Exams is discouraging as it is less than 1%. So the question still remains, “How do I prepare for IAS as I cannot afford high coaching fees?

How many attempts does it take to clear UPSC Examination?

The level of the exams being high, it is a fact that only one out of ten candidates who passed the exam has cleared it in first attempt. According to a study, it takes around three attempts on an average to pass the exam. The selection process of IAS Exam is designed in such a way that only the best candidate from the country is selected. It is clear that the exam is tough to crack, but is not unassailable. With dedication, proper strategy and direction, one can easily clear the exam.

Role of Coaching Institutes in IAS Preparation

There are many candidates who had cleared IAS Exams without spending sleepless nights and without paying high amounts to any coaching institute.

Why is Coaching necessary? Actually, good coaches and mentors can be very helpful to their student unless they are misleading the student. The best example of a good coach and a mentor is Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata whose teachings lead Arjuna to achieve his goal. The coaching centre helps the student to reduce his self effort. A good experienced coach by his clear knowledge can help the student to learn fast and succeed in breaking the tight competition.

How much do Coaching Centres Charge?

The charges that coaching institutes demand depends on the facilities they provide, their infrastructure, the faculties they provide, the notes and a lot more. Coaching Institutes for UPSC Examinations charge anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum fees. Many Coaching Centres provide accomodation to outstation students for an extra fees of around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 a month. So, in all a student ends up paying a hefty amount as fees and that too with very small success percentage. For financially weak students, the question remains in mind: How do I prepare for IAS as I cannot afford high coaching fees?

This can be avoided by preparing for the exam by self but this will require a lot of hard work and dedication. One thing to keep in mind to maintain positivity is that no coaching institution can assure you 100% success without your own effort. So, even after joining a coaching centre and paying a heavy fee, it’s the effort on your part that will determine your own result.

Clearing IAS Exam without Coachings- Is it Possible?

• A Coaching Institute might be misguiding too if you join it without a proper research.

• Clearing IAS Exam depends purely upon your strategy and planning and the effort that you pay behind your goal.

• So, it is clear that one can clear IAS Exam by self preparation but what are the things that need to be taken notice of while planning for your studies.

• The first thing you will surely need is a proper set of books and study material, magazines for current affairs, etc. This is one thing on which you will need to spend a bit because this is not an expense but an investment which will surely help to gain good returns going forward.

• Now, with increasing use of technology and availability of internet at your fingertips, it has become easier and affordable for students as it is a source of a vast number of resources in a very low cost.

• There are many free online platforms and other free online videos on youtube which you can refer for your studies.

• This will help save money, only except a small expenditure on Internet Charges.

• So, yes it is really possible to clear the exam without any Coachings but a proper mindset is must.

Coaching Centres- A dependency Culture

With time, people have started depending more on Coaching Centre Culture as it reduces a person’s effort by almost half. Many people now-a-days take Coaching Centres as alternative to hard work.

Coaching Culture in India: A New Fashion

In India, the people with a strong financial background have started taking Coaching Centres as a sign of reputation and pride of their children. It has developed more into a kind of a fashion element.

Basic Books v/s Coaching Notes

Coaching Notes can never replace Basic Books as Coaching Notes are a limited summarised part of the syllabus. Basic Books are designed from a grass root level and are hence have a very important role in one’s IAS Exam preparation.

Conclusion-How to prepare without Cocahing?

The basic requirements to help you with your preparation without the help of a Coaching Institute are listed below:

  1. You need a thorough research about the latest UPSC Syllabus, latest pattern, IAS Books, magazines to study current affairs and a proper strategy.

  2. A plan to manage the time you have in hand before the exam.

  3. A sense of confidence that you can take efforts to clear the exam without any coaching support and with peer pressure back of the mind.

  4. Proper knowledge of the optional subject that you had opted for as it can be tough.

  5. Access to break-free Internet to browse good websites which provide IAS Study Material and guidance free of cost.

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