How do I study for UPSC Prelims and Mains together?

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To do the UPSC Civil services exam preparation Together is very good Good Decision but the point is how? we all know that to Crack the UPSC CSE Exam both IAS Mains and IAS Prelims Matters Alot. If you have prepared well for prelims and have left Mains for Later actually you made a mistake.

This is the Reason we will discuss,

How do I study for UPSC Prelims and Mains together?

The Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Examination  looks like very Difiicult but actually it is not. You can crack the IAS Exam by mapping out a strategy required to crack the UPSC CSE Exam. The Important thing is how to bring that strategy to crack the IAS Exam?

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First funda mental is to prepare for the IAS prelims and IAS mains Together. Follow the integrated approach to Prepare for both levels and subjects tested in IAS mains and IAS prelims. You will find common subjects in both IAS Prelims and IAS Mains which is tested by the IAS Exam. If you do this in Starting it will save your lot of Time and Energy in Preparing the IAS Exam.

Doing IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Preparation Together Increases your chances to Crack the IAS Exam

For Prelims, Success Rate is 3%.  The success Rate for the IAS Mains Exams is around 23 to 25%. This is the Reason many people think that IAS Mains Exam is Very as Easy as the Success Rate is Very High.  Many people see the scenario like there is lot of time after prelims we will see IAS Mains After that. But you get to know that whatever time give you get after IAS prelims examination is just for doing it better revision. You cannot prepare for IAS Mains examination just after your UPSC Prelims. You have to do the UPSC IAS prelims preparation and UPSC mains preparation together.

Why you should do IAS prelims and IAS mains preparation together?

As I have already told you when you do UPSC Prelims preparation and UPSC mains preparation together there comes a time where you will feel like there are a lot of common subjects in between these two phase.

Plus there is one more thing that most of the time students after giving the UPSC Prelims examination fees like they won’t be able to crack IAS exam and they somehow do not prepare for IAS mains as well as they were not sure about IAS prelims result and did not prepare for IAS mains very well and they know that.

You should have good knowledge on IAS mains preparation strategy. Let me tell you what is the difference in IAS mains and IAS prelims? For example there is a scenario where you get question in IAS prelim about digital India in the objective form. What question you will get related to digital India in IAS mains? it will be e not directly with digital India but indirectly be like what is the role of digital India in day to day life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing technology in India?. If you have done proper analysis of digital India and you have read different article from digital India deeply that it will be very easy for you to answer this question in IAS prelims and IAS mains as well.

Strategy to prepare for IAS prelims and IAS mains together

For UPSC civil services examination we always suggest student to take UPSC coaching institute have. There are many good top ranked UPSC coaching centres in India. We have already created the list of top IAS coaching centres in every City. You just need to type best IAS coaching in your city our education. Why I am saying that in your strategy to prepare for IAS examination coaching institute plays an important role? The reason being UPSC coaching institute really have a very good experience in teaching for students for IAS examination. They have already planned any strategy to prepare students for IAS prelims and mains along with IAS interview too.

If you are preparing for IAS examination at your home, then we would suggest you to to UPSC Mains examination. Means focus your preparation at IAS mains. In the last 2 months you can start giving your time for IAS prelims as well. This will be very much enough. As most of the questions in the UPSC examination at both the level are common but in different language and in different form.


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