How UPSC Coaching In Kolkata Helping IAS Aspirants During Covid 19

How IAS Coaching in Kolkata helping IAS Aspirants During Covid 19

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IAS Coaching in Kolkata taking several steps to help IAS Aspirants During Covid 19

There has been a massive change in everyday life right after the pandemic hit the country.  Many countries are facing the same problem and it’s  been difficult for everyone out there.  Many colleges and schools are closed so are the coaching institutes.  The coaching centres are levelling up their training with the help of digital media. Many institutes are trying very hard to provide the training for students by whatever means they can.  From online classes to online tests, the institutes are now preferring digital way to coach.

A few online platforms that lend a hand in IAS preparations. 

Here you can download essential notes for IAS preparations – Download IAS Notes

This YouTube channel of ours will keep you posted about the important announcements on IAS preparations during COVID 19 Best IAS Preparation Youtube Channel Helping students Doing IAS Preparaton in Covid – 19

Our team is working incessantly to provide all the updates and consistent information about how the coaching centres in every part of the country are making their next moves so students can act accordingly. In this time, we stand with the students who need guidance and moral support and continuous updates about the coaching centres and competitive examinations.

Coronavirus Impact on IAS Exam preparing Students

Initially, the impact on IAS Exam preparing students is obvious and students were in a confusion to continue the coaching or stop until the pandemic ends.   However, the impact is gradually decreasing and students can now prepare for the exams from their home.

Top three online IAS coaching in Kolkata

Here are some of the top IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata offering IAS courses.

You can take up a course on this website and there are several coaching units and timing so students will find it easier. Moreover, live classes are also available and this is the right change to finish up the IAS preparations.

Apti Plus IAS Academy in Kolkata

Apti Plus IAS in Kolkata is also offering online courses for the students. You can definitely check out their website or just download the app from PlayStore to continue your preparations.

TICS IAS coaching institute in Kolkata

You can take up the UPSC test series for just Rs.999. Connect with the team @ 9088993333

Frequently asked questions COVID and IAS Preparation

How to prepare for IAS exam 2020 during COVID-19?

If you are a student of any coaching institute, connect with them to find whether the institute is offering online preparations.  If  the answer is yes, then just continue your preparations from where you left. Otherwise, make use of the below links to take up the training.

Best video lectures for IAS

Best test series for UPSC

Will the date of UPSC Prelims 2020 examination postpone?

Still, there is no official notification and we’ll keep you in the loop so don’t worry. The exams may or may not be postponed but it doesn’t mean you can stop the preparations. Just keep preparing and don’t let any thoughts that hinder your preparations.

What is your suggestion for UPSC civil services preparation during covid-19?

As far as the UPSC preparations are concerned, you can continue the preparations with the institute in which you have enrolled for a course or just make use of the above mentioned link which will help you prepare tirelessly and keeps you ahead of the curve.


Can we expect questions from corona-virus UPSC civil service examination?

Current affairs is one of the essential parts of UPSC question paper and there is no surprise if you get questions from COVID 19.

Continue for your IAS preparations and obtain high ranks to accomplish your dream without much thinking.

Do check out other coaching centres in several parts of the country that might help you in the IAS preparations. 

Do not worry about the  IAS preparations. At first, you have to take care of yourself and stay healthy.  Stay home and prepare for the exams. Just follow the basic protective measures against the New coronavirus (COVID- 2019) as advised by the World Health Organization and stay safe.

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