How is IAS Vision coaching centre in Kolkata?

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IAS VISION is one of the most reputed IAS Coaching centres in Kolkata. It provides an all rounder teaching with many facilities. Established in 2005, it is one of the oldest IAS coaching centres in Kolkata.
It aims to create excellent aspirants using non traditional and unique methods. They believe that for a proper preparation, a student needs to study for at least one year. Thus both their main programmes are for a period of one year.

About IAS VISION Kolkata:

“IAS vision is a forum of academics ,educators and pioneers who have been change agents in shaping and directing change in preparing for exams conducted by public bodies . we directly and indirectly partner institutions in providing key material support, analyzing the changing trends ,helping adapt to change as seamlessly as possible. OUR years of involvement in teaching and developing relevant study materials and providing key inputs has made us most flexible and sensitive in comprehending changes over a period that extends through the last two decades. Integrating technology , developing relevant study material when needed and publishing low cost publications are some pioneering firsts ,we have been involved with .
successfully bridging the gap in standards in education imparted across geographies guides us in what we do and what aspire to achieve.”

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IAS Programmes offered by IAS Vision Kolkata

This is suited for students who don’t have college or school to attend to during the week. These students can dedicate 100% of their time to IAS preparation. This program runs usually 4 days a week between Monday to Friday. Its fresh group starts every month.
It runs for 10 months in a year. It covers 7 modules which goes through very topic necessary in the syllabus. They also teach current affairs along with General Knowledge Supplements. They conduct around a total of 60 mock tests per year.
Admissions for this program starts in the February of the previous year.
Fees: ₹1,00,000

This program is best suited for those students who have college or school during the weekdays. This class is conducted only on Saturdays and Sundays.
Instead of a 10 month program like weekday program, it runs for 12 months. It is a strict classroom program. Similar to the weekday program, it also covers all the topics in 7 modules. They also conduct 60 mock tests in a year over 12 months period with an average of 5 tests per month. This helps in tracking the progress of the student periodically.
FEES: ₹1,00,000
This is a long and extensive program. It runs for 3 years. The students have an option to enroll in the weekend or the weekday plan based on their convenience.
The special feature of this plan is that they will be provided support and help from the institution till one year after the completion of their course/ program. This can help the students to come back when they have doubts in any topics or modules.

This institution does not allow students to make changes to the schedule once the modules have started. They also make the mock tests compulsory so that no student can evade the tests and evaluation process.

1) Right study material selection for preliminary, mains and interview along with standard texts.
2) Planning for time bound completion and doubt clearing of syllabus.
3) Finally, analysing yourself independently by enrolling for a good test series.
4) Have a look at past year trends and understanding the usefulness of debate oriented discussions.
5) Understanding the connect between newspapers and exam and understanding forward and backward linkages.
6) Students planning for a single attempt & plan for repeat attempt only an afterthought.


Ashish Ramesh Jain says “Vision classroom and other teaching based programs were always bad but now even the material quality has gone down significantly. The prelims test series is so routine that if you have sincerely appeared one year, from next year you can solve many questions just by looking at how they were framed.”

Somil says “I had taken vision IAS coaching through online mode. Except for geography none of the subjects were upto the mark. They have a good module but I will say faculty itself wasn’t up to the mark. The cost I paid was 1.30 lakh. I feel my money got wasted. The free stuffs they do is very good but it is all marketing. Better DNT fall for it. The views are completely personal your experience may vary.”

Mansi Jain says “Vision classes are poorly managed with the most horrendous faculty available in the market. Having wasted my money on their online foundation course, I have no hesitation in saying that joining Vision’s online/offline courses could destroy any chances of a prospective UPSC aspirant. Vision is the most unprofessional and sinister player when it comes to classroom coaching for IAS exam. Their classes are plagued with unprofessional, novice and over-hyped faculty. Leaving a few, most of their faculty are academically compromised, blatantly immodest and totally out of sync with exam requirements. Joining any of their classroom courses is not advisable under any circumstances.”

Abhi says “As I spent three years in karol bagh I can share my experiences with you. First , I have enrolled for 2 separate course in vision .But second time while admission I ask for installment payment to the receptionist , But she denied and I again requested to allow me to pay 40000 on two installments within a month that lady rudely replied why you are wasting my time. When you get money then get admission. Any way I got admission there because I m here to achieve my goals. Second, after joining classes I feel only marketing and publicity is there one should go for Vajirao and others on that much fee.. Might you will not get heavy concessions on fee like vision but u will get way better faculties and quality education.”

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