How is Rau’s IAS Study Circle in the Bangalore branch for IAS Preparations?

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Students who dream about succeeding in the IAS examination enroll into a reputed coaching institution to get the precise guidance to get high ranks. Some institutions offer false promises to the students, which will spoil their future. One such institution that still rides on its past reputation is the Rau’s IAS Study Circle. It does not offer a conductive or nurturing environment to the students. The institution’s only focus is to mint money from the students with mediocre coaching. The prior students have noted the following drawbacks;

  • The students have to endure the bad teaching from inexperienced faculty members. The poor quality teaching can never offer the knowledge required to crack the examination. The unrequited classes will not clear any doubts of the students leading to a frustrating time. Teachers are the only sources that make your coaching worthy. If a coaching institute does not have experienced faculty with vast knowledge of subject, then it would not be helpful for you. Teachers should have profound knowledge so that they can make your basics strong. Rau’s IAS study circle does not have such teachers and experienced faculty to support students let alone personal guidance and one to one interaction in classroom.
  • The students have to endure the bad decisions of the management as it does not cater to the needs of the students. The branch head is not responsive to the student’s inquiry and is not available all the time. Students cannot expect the wonderful level of commitment offered during counseling from the management after joining the classes. If students have any queries, they have to wait for several days to get solutions for them. They promise to offer full support, but once they get fee, they stop caring about the problems of students.
  • The classes are not schedules as faculty come late to the class, so they miss the important topics that are useful for the students. The request to take the missed classes will only fall on the dead ears. Punctuality and management are not in scene. There are so many times, students have to face such situations.
  • No experienced faculty is retained for a long time in the institute as the management keeps changing the teachers in short duration. Fresher teachers or less experienced teachers cannot help students in reaching their destinations.
  • Students have to pay high fees for the low-quality training that will never help them overcome the tough exam. This high fee structure is meaningless. You don’t get returns of your money and time.
  • The institution is known for fake result displaying as it publishes names of students who have not received coaching from the institution to attract new students. This is pathetic and you should not come under the influence of fake promise. They advertise a lot and don’t keep the commitments.

Students who have enrolled into the IAS batch by the institute are caught in the inefficient and traditional institution that has not updated itself to meet the current challenges on the UPSC examination. Students will feel crushed as they will regret joining the money grabbing institution.  You should always be careful while looking for best coaching institutes.




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